Show us where you live Friday - "Dining Room" Edition

"Show us where you live Friday - Dining Room Edition"
Hosted by Kelly over at   Kelly's Korner 

This week we are going to tour "Dining" Rooms and while I have a beautiful space that is designed for that purpose it's not being used for dining.

I do have a dream of what the space will look like in 10 years (if I'm lucky) but for right now it is being used by the smallest members of our family.  Honestly, when we viewed the home for the first time this is exactly what I envisioned for it so it fits perfectly.

It is ideally situated right off the kitchen and just across the hall from my office so it was perfect for a playroom.  It has big bright windows and lots of space.  It's fun being in the space and the kids love it.

Here is what my dream dining room will look like in a few years...

But for now this is what it looks like and I'm perfectly fine with that .  :}  (Sorry for the poor picture quality my camera was misbehaving today.)

The area for the hutch fits the IKEA Expedia bookcase perfectly !  I have put everything into bins that are color coded for age and labelled with their contents.  It is a great system when dealing with kids of varying ages as well makes everything neat at the end of the day for Mama !!

On the left side of the bookcase is a lovely little chair I picked up at IKEA that is great to curl up in and read a book.  To the right is a desk for the kids to do coloring at.

My favorite thing in the room is the wonderful little wooden kitchen that we got Laila for Christmas a few years back.  I'm so excited that she and Sophie will be able to play together there soon.   

Next to the kitchen is a small table and chairs that we now have regular tea parties at.  On the table is a picture frame that I cover in a pretty paper.  It is usually hung and used as a bulletin board.

I snagged some great inexpensive picture frames in primary colors that we have placed throughout the room.  

I let my oldest select some of his favorite pictures for the small ones.  For the larger ones I showcased a few pieces of  Hayden's work from school.  These are great frames because they don't have glass in them so if say a "little" person was to pull one down they won't get hurt.

 I have a little sofa for reading and a painters easel that has been used to create some amazing creations.

So that's our dining room I hope you enjoyed the tour and thanks for stopping by.....If you want to see more great dining rooms stop by Kelly's Korner !

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Stephanie said...

I love what you have done with the dining room! Having a place for the kids to play and be together as a family is what really matters.

Maryann said...

my kids would love to be at your house everyday!! lol
great space!

allenaim photography and design said...

I LOVE what you did with your kid's playroom. I put my kiddos in the basement, so i feel a little guilty that you gave them such a great space :)

Soshayna said...

It is perfect Michelle...and when the kids are older, you will never say you wished you had a formal dining space:) Enjoy!

Pamela said...

What a wonderful space!! We use to use our dining room as a play room as well. I think that is almost a norm these days.

Brittany said...

love the red kitchen, so cute!

Robin said...

Such a great space and fantastic use of your area!!! If I could have it my way, my dining room would be a craft room!

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