So much has happened

I can't believe I didn't blog anything since our trip to British Columbia this summer...I guess its time for an update.

Hayden started school in September and is loving the 5 afternoons. He has the same teacher as last year so there wasn't a big adjustment period. 4 friends that started in the class and that he was with last year either moved away or were transferred to other classes so that was a bit of a bummer for him but like most kids he didn't seem to be too bothered by it.

He did the winter session of gymnastics and while he always seems to have a good time we have decided to not to do the next session but instead take a little break from it. He starts swimming soon and with school 5 days now we don't want to add to much extra activities to his schedule.

Both Faruq and I can't believe how much he has progressed in school this year...he now has his ABC's down pat and has started reading and writing simple words.

Even physically and emotionally the development has been huge...he just doesn't seem like a typical 4 year old. We are so proud of how he is reacted to his sister arriving and has taken on the new role of "Big Brother" like a champ.

Onto our latest project....

Lovely "Laila Quinn Suleman" arrived kicking & screaming into the world on December 5th at 3:24pm weighing a healthy 7 pds 6 oz. She was born at Foothills Hospital via a planed c-section birth. She is perfect in everyway and is just a really good baby. Cries when she is hungry and sleeps on a pretty regular schedule. 

It's honestly hard to imagine what life was like without her.  I'm sure it will be interesting and busy with two wee ones now but we feel very blessed to have two healthy children !!

Daddy has already started to develop that wonderful bond that little girls have with their daddies...I can already hear the conversations about how Laila needs those really expensive jeans at the mall and how her dad needs to buy them for her.   What's the saying "Wrapped around her little finger"...but it's beautiful to watch and it just melts by heart.

I will post my favorite shots of Laila and family in the next post.  

Christmas was good this year...My parents arrived for Laila's birth and have been here ever since so they enjoyed the holiday season with us.

Santa was very good to everyone again this year.  Mommy must have been especially good and got an iMac under the tree...I have to say it is a "Very sweet" machine and I have been enjoying it very much.

Faruq received gift cards from all his favorite places to shop as well as a digital picture frame so he can have lots of the kids pictures at work without filling his walls up.

Hayden was well looked after with stuff on the Planets, Earth and Space...his new favorite subjects.  He got a cool telescope to look at the stars as well as a globe for his room so he can identify what's what up there.

We snag a Wii for my parents and they were thrilled.  They have been playing with our since arriving last month and were so surprised to see one under the tree.  We joke with about being the coolest seniors on the Sunshine Coast now.

Even little Laila managed to get a few gifts and with Hayden's help got them all opened.

Faruq went back to work on January 3rd and my parents go home on January 16th so life will get back to normal (our new normal) after that. 

Faurq will be busy finishing his Project Management Certification and I plan on starting back with my Photography Certification.  We both want to be done by this time next year.