Favorite Baby Things (Part 2)

Sleep Sacks (sometimes referred to as grobags) - This is hands down one of the most important things to buy for a new baby. We didn't have them with our first but after I babysat for a friend who used them I was totally sold.

Above is a picture of the first sleep sack we put the girl's in right from the birth. You have the ability to swaddle them the same way as if you were doing it with a receiving blanket except it will stay closed (my receiving blankets never did).   Once they stop flaying like all new babies do you can remove the swaddling part and use just as a normal sleep sack.

I love that baby is always warm. No need to worry if they have kicked off a blanket or lifted it over their face.

They come in varying fabrics and weights for each season. Our first daughter was in them until she could basically get herself out which was around her 2nd birthday. I'm sure you can even buy them bigger if needed. We found by then she was ready for a normal duvet on her bed.

I have seen the pricing anywhere from $25 to $65 dollars but I have always went with the more expensive ones only because the quality is better in my opinion. I did buy one cheaper one for summer and the zipper broke within a month of us using it. Remember they are in them anytime they are sleeping so they will get a lot of use. Even after using them for two kids I would say they are still in great shape and can be sold at a reasonable price so I personally wouldn't buy cheap.  As well if you are buying a winter one it will be a heavier material which will translate to a more expensive price.

I have 2 for summer and 2 for winter so if one is in the laundry you aren't scrambling to get it back in the crib. The other benefit is if you travel and baby is going to be in a strange crib. If you bring the sleep sack it has their smell attached to it and they know when it is in the crib it's time for sleep. Add a favorite blanked underneath them and it's just like being at home.

There are numerous companies that make these but I have stayed with this company and have not been disappointed with the quality of their product. Stop by their site as they have a lot of really good information that is very informative for parents.

I have given these numerous times as baby shower gifts and they continue to be a must have baby item for parents.   From my personal experience our first was a terrible sleeper he refused to sleep in his crib at night or for naps.  He ended up sleeping with us for almost 2 years.  When our daughters were born we introduced the sleep sack along with sleep training and both are amazing "self soothing" sleepers.

Sleeping with a new baby can be easy if you set the standard in place early !!

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Kris said...

Our little guy loves his sack. As soon as it's on then it's bed time. Where's my bottle and nighty night.