Happy New Year

We have had an amazing year and much to be thankful for.  While I'm sad to see 2010 go I'm excited to see what 2011 holds for our family.

This year is one of self discovery and improvement for me and I hope to see many positive changes in my live.  Too many times mama's put themselves last but I have vowed that will not happen this year.  While I love and cherish my family I know improving myself will only make me a stronger and better mama.  I will share both my successes and failures on this journey here with you.

Lastly, through this little blog I have made some friendships that I hope last for years to come.  So my friends I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that you all have an amazing 2011 !!!

Love & Hugs,

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Sweet Sophie

It's hard to believe our first year has come and gone with our Sweet Sophie.  I will always remember when we decided that we wanted to expand our family and made the decision to return to the fertility clinic to try for just one more little miracle.  Our doctor let's us start the process before all the required tests were done only because we were returning successful patients.  I'm so glad that he did because when the test results finally came back the results were definitely not in our favor for conceiving another baby.

But our darling Sophie had other plans and we were over the moon excited when we received a positive pregnancy test.  Against all odds we had done what the doctors suspected we couldn't.  The next nine months went smoothing and on December 29, 2009 we welcomed our third little baby.   She came screaming into the world at a healthy 8lbs 2 oz.  She looked exactly like her big brother and sister but had a very sweet and soft disposition right from the start.

I remember being concerned how we would handle another baby.  But honestly from day one Sophie has been a perfect fit with our family.  She is so easy going and is always happy.  Eating and sleeping came with little effort to her which was a great relief to her mama and daddy.  She loves anyone who wants to give her a cuddle and smiles all the time.  She just recently cut her first 3 teeth and didn't shed one tear.  She is our most resilient baby which will serve her well as she gets older.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of our beautiful little Sophie !!

Sophie we love you more then words can even express.  You are the perfect addition to our family and we have had an amazing 1st year with you and look forward to what the coming year brings.

Happy Birthday Little Angel !!

~ A million kisses for you ~

Love your,

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Christmas Day

Like every other day in our home Christmas morning was pretty much organized chaos.  The kids slept in until almost 9:30 (I know they aren't normal but we love it).  Hayden was the first up and immediately started circle the tree and asking "Can we open our gifts". Like all mean parents we said "not until your sisters get up".  Sophie joined us about a half hour later and then we finally let Hayden go wake Laila around 10:30.

 Kids were allowed to open their stockings from Santa then we had a bite of breakfast before the real fun began.

The camera is hit with both Sophie and Laila.

Sophie loved her Santa gift.  Although the little mallets that came with it maybe potential weapons so we need to monitor their use.

Grampie helping Sophie opening a few of her gifts.

Laila loves her doll house but we need to work on keeping the furniture in her house not all over mine.

Laila loved helping Sophie open her gifts.

Daddy likes his Tassimo for his office !  Hot chocolate for Hayden when he goes to visit now.

Grampie really loves his new iPad !

Hayden after he just opened his Santa gift - a trip for him and Dad to Disneyland in February.

Then the lucky boy got a laptop from Grammie and Grampie.

This is Mama (& Daddy's of course) shiny new addition to the family.  We have named her teeny weeny  Mac.  She joins "Big Mac" (our iMac) and Quarter Pounder (my MacBook Pro).

We had an incredible day and then finished it with a wonderful supper that night that filled everyones  belly appropriately so we all just relaxed in the evening and played with our new toys.

I hope everyone had a special Christmas day and were able to spend the day with people they loved.

We are very blessed indeed !

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Our Christmas Card

Early in the season we decided this was going to be the first year we were not going to send a Christmas card instead giving the money we would use for that to charity.  Beside the obvious cost factor it was time consuming to make the cards.  We always included pictures and a letter as well.  With the popularity of Facebook a great number of people on our list are friends with me so they know what my kids have been up to during the year and have seen their fair share of pictures.

I did well resisting the urge to send out a card until the day we started to received them.  I caved and decided to order a simple picture card from Costco.  I cut the list from over a 100 to 35 and didn't include a letter or multiple pictures.  The postage was only 1 stamp vs. 2.  The cards came with envelopes so all I needed to do was  printed off some address labels.

So in the end it can be done pretty reasonably and with not a huge amount of time.

Of course, Laila had the honor of selecting the template we used and it had to be Mickey and the gang.

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Christmas Eve @ the Suleman's

We had a lovely quiet Christmas Eve.  Faruq made yummy homemade pizza's and Hayden & I made chocolate covered strawberries.  The kids were very excited so bedtimes were early last night which gave us a few hours to get all of Santa gifts ready for the morning.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from last night !!

~ Best group shot of the night ~

~ Sweet Sophie ~

~ Santa's Snack...Extra Yummy !! 

 ~ Sophie helping herself to Santa's snack ~

~ Oops Sophie got one of Santa's cookie ~

Merry Christmas from The Suleman's !!!

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