The Big Day...

Hayden started preschool a few weeks ago and has totally fallen in love with it. He loves his teacher and is making some new little friends...he is adjusting far better then mommy. The only tear that was shed on the first was by me. It's taken a month but I have started to relax more each week and I'm actually enjoying my "ME" time.

Here is a layout just celebrating his first day of cool !!!

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Nothing new...just too busy !

I have been working on a few new layouts this week but haven't gotten anything done.

There are a few of us getting together this weekend so I hope to get something accomplished then.

I thought I would have so much free time with Hayden in school three afternoons a week but always manage to find something to do other then scrapbooking.

Faruq has been working some crazy hours finishing up his old job requirements as he is starting a new position in a few weeks...Yeah !!! Means he will be home at a regular hour most nights and therefore can take back the bedtime routine with the "Dude". I think they both miss that time together at the end of everyday.

Hayden and I went to Cardel for a little fun time in the pool as he has been there much since we got back from holidays. I was so proud of him today as he actually started swimming on his assistance from mom. I knew he was really proud of himself as well...WTG Hayden !!!

Meeting with our landscapers this week to put the final seal on the plans...we can't afford all that we wanted to do but think we have come to a decent plan for this year. Just too bad it's almost October...we won't enjoy it too much until next spring !

Here's a few before pics...I will post some when they are done.

My Boys...

This is my favorite picture of Faruq and Hayden.

I just needed to scrapbook it !!!

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When Nature Calls

I managed to snap this great picture on our
way hom from holidays this year. Hayden
needed to go potty but of course we were
no where close to a bathroom.

So hubby pulled over and we managed to find
a great location where we pulled out the potty
and Hayden could have a pee !!!

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"How not to decorate a T-Shirt" 101

I had the bright idea of getting one of those T-shirts that you can put your handprints on.

Hayden seemed okay with the idea until we pulled out the paint. We did manage to get the handprints on the shirt but I think he ended up with far more paint on himself.

Grampie loved it so it was worthall the mess.

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The "Dude" turns 3...

We celebrated Hayden's 3rd birthday on June 25th this year... he invited 5 friends and we rented a bouncy house.

I got Cakeworks  to make this fab Thomas the train cake and we had lots of yummy food to eat.

He got some awesome presents...Lincoln Logs, a Lighting MacQueen Car, book, puzzles and so much more.

The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed the day.

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This is the second page for Hayden's birthday party layout.

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Just about done...

So this is what the bookcases looked like after we added the doors to the top and bottom. I was really impressed with the end result.

For the first time in a very long time I feel like this is a place that foster my creativity and not hinder it.

We added the corner desk with another smaller bookcase that was converted over with drawers to hold all the small stuff.

Hubby still needs to move my stereo and mount my TV on the wall but it so cozy...I can't wait to spend lots of evenings in here doing the things that I love.

My new scrapbook room...a work in progress !

Recently I told hubby I wanted to spend some time and money updating my scrapbook room. He was cool with it all and told me to gather my ideas then get some quotes.

So I developed my wishlist of everything I wanted but when I took it to Calfornia Closests for a quote it was way more then we wanted to spend. So I headed to IKEA and I was so glad I did.

We decided that the bookcases in my son's toy room just weren't working so we moved them into our office and added a desk, another bookcase and some doors/drawers to the bookcases.

What we got was a great space for just over a $ cool is that. While it's not completely done it's still pretty comfy...I love it and can't wait to spend lots of hours creating wonderful projects.

Picture 1. shows the bookcases before we put the doors on them.

Thanks IKEA for making a great product !!!!

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Dinky Cars

Anyone who know Hayden knows he loves
his Dinky Cars...this is just a fun layout showing him at about the age of 1 with his cars at that time.

(Layout #5)

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Visiting with Santa !!!

We were in Gibsons, BC for christmas 2004 back and daddy took Hayden to the mall. While there they thought it would be niceto get a picture with Santa. All was good until it was Hayden's turn to sit on Santa's way was that happening.

So daddy and Hayden got their picture taken with Santa...I loved it. He was the best Santa I ever seen !!!

(Layout #4)
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Fall Leaves

I belong to a on-line moms group here in Calgary and we recently started a monthly scrapbook challenge.

The one for August'06 was layout that was all about children & nature. I was on vacation in BC so of course didn't have any paper supplies with me so decided to do something digtial. I was pretty impressed with the's one of my favorite pictures of Hayden taken in Sept 2004.

Everything is so fresh and new to him...It's amazing to watch him discover things for the 1st time.

(Layout #3)

Finally some snow !!!

So this was our first winter in the lovely city of
Calgary but Hayden was really beginning to wonder
if we were every going to get snow !!!

Christmas came and went with no snow. But finally in late January the snow arrived.

Boy did we have one excited 2 yr old...he couldn't wait to get his brand new snowsuit on and go help dad shovel the driveway.

Needless to say after the first snow fall the novelty was gone and dad was left everytime afterward to shovel on his own. But it sure was cute to see him out there even if it was only once !!!
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(Layout #2)

"Little Dude"

This was my first layout...I took this picture of Hayden at a friends place this summer. He is such a "Little Dude" and really felt this picture portraited it.

Hayden (age 2)
June - 2006
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Taking the plunge...

It's been just about a month since starting this new and exciting hobby...while I'm not new to world of scrapbooking I'm very new to the digital side.

Digital has certainly been a more efficient way for me to scrapbook all the memories that my little guy creates on a daily basis. I have completed 12 layouts in just over a month far better then when I was doing it the "old fashion" way.

Now to just tackle Photoshop CS2...I love MS Digital Pro and find it hard to start's really like learning to walk again. I guess I should just jump in and starting learning it...before I know it I will wonder what all this hesitation was for. Off to Chapters...I need a good "How To" book.