Happy Saturday !!

Saturday is my favorite day of the week !  As a child I remember getting up and watching cartoons in the morning, as a teen it was hitting the malls with friends, as a young adult working it was a day to recover from Friday night's adventures. Now as a mama it's a day to sleep in with a chance of maybe recharging my battery.

No real rushing on this morning everyone just wakes up when they want.  I make a big breakfast and today was omelets, bacon with homemade buns.  Once the bellies are full everyone then figures out what's going to happen.

Faruq, Hayden and Laila are heading to Costco for some groceries.  Then maybe a quick trip to the library to drop off  books and pick up some new ones.

My plans are to make some baby food for sweet Sophie, try to get a few more flowers done for the final cake due in the Wilton's cake class I'm taking and then maybe do a little baking as I have very black bananas in my fridge that are just perfect for a lovely banana loaf.

Hayden is super excited to be starting a skating class this afternoon.  He has not interest in hockey but wanted to learn to skate so I found a great session at the U of C.  For the locals you need to check out the U of C as they have great programming at pretty reasonable prices.

He is heading to a friends for a sleep-over tonight so it's just daddy and the girls at home.   I think we are going to open a nice bottle of wine when the girls are down for the night and watch a movie.

Tomorrow Faruq is working and Hayden has a birthday party so I'm going to try and enjoy the calm today !

Happy Saturday....I hope you all have a great weekend !

Don't you just want to pinch this...I love baby rolls !!

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