Wordless Wednesday - April 21st

Do you see a pattern forming here ?

Sophie is unable to have her picture taken without make that face.

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Laila Update

We had our meeting with Laila's SLP and teacher last week to discuss her progress. We have been thrilled with what has transpired this year but to hear it from them just cemented what we already knew. In a nutshell she went from almost non-verbal to being at par or above in most of the areas. I think I made them slightly nervous when I started to cry but it was happy tears. 

She still has a few areas where her scores were lower so that will hopefully qualifier her for the PUF funding for next year but worse case scenario we will pay for her schooling when she returns to Providence . The highlight of the meeting was when her SLP told us her grammar is at a grade one level.  

This whole process started almost a year ago for us and it has been a long road of uncertainty but we are starting to see the end. I really don't want this to sound like I'm bragging because it's not meant to be but I'm just a proud mama of a little girl that has worked really hard

Good job my little lady !!

I wanted share the proofs we got from her school pictures....Adorable is all I can say !

She is enrolled to start a ballet class in April and she is so excited.  I'm nervous but really should not be.  I'm sure she will tackle it the same way she does everything else with total determination.

We are looking forward to spring break next week and I know the little break will do us a good.

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This and That !!

Wow I have really been neglecting this little blog as of late.  I had been busy with a few other things but I'm back now.  Life is just good right now for all of us !

Hayden's school did a week of skiing/snowboarding at Canada Olympic Park a few weeks ago and he was in heaven.  He knows how to ski so he decided to do the snowboarding lessons and was instantly hooked.  Faruq and I both ski so it was a given that our kids would learn.  Our most favorite place to go for a weekend is Kananaskis so it's great that that Hayden can now enjoy snowboarding as well as skiing.

Next winter we plan on getting him more snowboarding lessons and it appears that he has negotiated with his dad to get his own board.   We were planning on getting Laila and Sophie out to COP for lessons next year as well so that we can finally enjoy family time on the hill.

Hayden's latest report card was sent home last week and were extremely pleased with the results.  He has worked really hard this past semester and it shows.  He got a B and the rest were A's.  This has been a year of growth for him in a few areas and it hasn't always been easy but we are hoping that it will cement fundamentals for the future.

To reward all his hard work we are sending him to Vancouver to see my parents.  He loves to spend time out there with them so we are hoping he will recharge his batteries and be ready to complete the rest of the school year when he gets back.

The weather has been nothing short of amazing this spring so we manage to get outside a lot for some fresh air.  I will leave you with a few of my favorites from last week

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