Favorite Baby Things (Part 3) - Diapers and Wipes

Let's chat about Diapers......

The biggest thing I have found after having 3 kids is they are build slightly different so what worked for one may not necessarily work for the others.

We used Pampers Swaddlers for all three of our kids when they were just newborns.  They were only in these diapers for a few weeks so the fit was fine for them all.

It's when we moved to the next stage we found that all 3 kids would come to wear different brands

With Hayden we tried a few different kinds but found that Pampers Cruisers worked the best. He was very slender once he started to walk and the Cruisers just fit snuggly around his leg.  We had him in those until he was potty trained at 3.
With Laila we tried Pampers but found because she was a little chubbier then Hayden they didn't fit quite as well.  So we went to the Huggies brand and found they worked best.

When Sophie came along we tried both the Pampers and Huggies but neither really worked for her.  We had leakage problem with both the legs and up the back.  I was at a lose at what to try but came upon the Kirkland brand one day in Costco.    I decided to buy a box to see if they worked any better.  Well they did the trick and we have been so pleased with these diapers.

We have moved Laila over to these as well and have not problems yet.

They fit well around the legs and have this extra protection barrier for those up the back poops.  I recently found out that they are produced by Huggies for Costco so it makes sense why I like them.

Baby wipes are the other thing we have tried a few different kinds but honestly have found the best one for the best price is again the Kirkland brand.  They are fairly thick and don't have a strong overpowering smell to them.  They come in a box of 704 wipes but are individually packages.  They recently changed them slightly and while I preferred the old style the new ones are equally as good.
I know lots of Mama's who are going the cloth diaper route with their little ones but we knew Sophie was going to be our last so I didn't want to make a big investment when I would only use them for one baby.

What's your favorite brand of diapers and wipes ?

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