Say What....

We woke this morning to a lovely treat from Mother Nature ....SNOW !  It's mostly gone now but it will be back I'm afraid sooner then later.

For heavens sake it is only September and we should not be having any of that for at least a few months.  I have no idea who's coat or boots fit them from last year and honestly I haven't even thought about it yet.  Mitt, scarfs and hats are still packed away but I guess will sadly replace the flip flops and sun hats currently in the kids bins.

Summer is over before it really even started here in Calgary and we will miss the warm sunny days that we spent at the playground and the long walks around our neighborhood.  We

On a positive note only 98 till Christmas....anyone start their shopping yet !!

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Soshayna said...

Ugh!! Snow, that scares me Michelle...I am not ready either. But, Yes, I have started my shopping and made quite a dent in it too:) I hate waiting till the last minute and stressing over gifts and money:(