Where has the month gone !!!

I can't believe that it has been more then a month since my last blog entry. We has been busy, busy !!!

Hayden has returned to preschool and is still loving it !! He has started Gymnastics again and is now in an non-parented class but seems to really enjoy it and listens well to the instructor.

Faruq is loving his new job and is actually home most nights for supper so we are all enjoying that.

I have started my weekly photography course and can't believe how much I have learned already. It's so nice to know what all those fancy buttons do on my new Canon Rebel XTi and that I can actually take it of the Auto "Everything" setting.

I have already booked for 3 more courses so I will be busy until July...it's just so exciting to be using my brain again.

I have had no time to do any scrapbooking. Any free minutes have been spent on the photography course.

On the home front we are hoping our landscapers will be able to start up again soon...the weather hasn't been great but it looks a little more promising this coming week. I know when the weather does get warmer Hayden will be anxious to get out there and play.

We are doing great with our new healthier eating habits...I have switched us all to almost everything Organic. We have a wonderful Farmer's Market that is open every weekend so I can get lots of fresh produce there. As well, there is two health food stores to shop at in the NW part of Calgary.

We have been amazed with the results especially with Hayden...we have cut a lot of the unnecessary sugar from his diet and his appetite has almost doubled. He is so much more willing to try new food and his constipation problem has finally fixed itself.

It's just a sad reality that healthier eating has raised our grocery bills considerably but I have come to understand that the government doesn't subside the organic farmers at all so they need to recoup their money somehow.

We have also removed Gluten from our diets and have noticed some positive changes with that as well...it's amazing what you can actually make without Gluten. I have a yummy recipe for chocolate chip cookies which Hayden absolutely loves them !!!

I had a party on Friday evening and indulged a little too much in food that had lots sugar and salt. When I woke on Saturday if felt very much like a really bad hangover...so I won't be doing that again in the near future.

We are officially out of diapers (for Hayden that is)...he has decided that even wearing pull-ups at night is for babies so it has been almost a week and no accidents. WTG Hayden...{huge sigh} My baby is growing up !!!

So that's what's been happening with The Suleman's...I hope the new year has been a good one you all so far !!

Chow for now - I will post again soon with some of the great pictures I have been taking in my course.