Señora Laila

Something funny has been going on in our house lately and I just picked up on it.   Here is a conversation I had with Laila the other morning..

Me:  Hi Laila
Laila:  Hola Mommy

Me:  Hmmm did she just say "Hola" so again I say "Hi Laila"
Laila:  Hola Mommy

A little later it continues....

Me:  Do you want some breakfast now.
Laila:  Si

Me: Here is your breakfast.
Laila:  Gracias

We think she has a few other zingers she adds to conversations but can't quite make them out yet.  :}

It is an understatement to say that Laila likes to watch Handy Manny the girl is crazy for the show.  I'm sure if I let her she would watch it all day everyday.  They speak a lot of spanish on there so I'm sure that is where she is picking it all up but we were just shocked that she knew how to use the words properly.

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