Age is a state of mind (again) !!

This past weekend I turned 42 and I have to say this was the first birthday in a very long time that I didn't dread.  When you are going through infertility and you are older birthdays are just big old ticking time bomb.  With each passing year they tend to start ticking louder and louder.

After almost 10 years of trying to have our kids I can say our perfect little family is complete so for once  my age doesn't really matter.  I have always tried to live by  "You are only as old as you feel that " and "Age is a state of mind" but we all know it's truly not when it comes to the production of little people.  Our fertility doctor was always so kind to me but I remember when we went to see about have our last he said they would only treat me until I was 45 so you can only imagine how loudly that bomb started to tick in my head that day.

We were so blessed that Sophie was conceived right away and that we could finally silence that ticking for once and all.  People have asked if we knew it was going to take so long to have our 3 kids would we have started earlier in life to have our family.  The answer is no because really we weren't ready to have kids in our 20's and honestly we had thought kids weren't even going to be on our agenda.

I would go through it all again in a heartbeat to have my three babies but I'm honestly glad that that part of my life is over and we can now just enjoy our family while growing older gracefully.

My heart still aches for those couples trying to conceive whether they are young or older. It  it can be a long, painful and lonely road to travel.  It will forever change you but if you are successful it is quickly forgotten and replaced with overwhelming love and joy.

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