Santa has done it once again...

Well the big old guy has delivered yet again...we had an awesome Christmas morning. It's was just the 3 of us which was so nice. We would have loved for my mom and dad to be with us but it just didn't happen this year.

Hayden didn't get up until almost 10 and boy was he excited when he realized that Santa had in fact been at our place. For the passed few weeks he had been quite concerned with the fact that our fireplace had a glass window on it and he wasn't sure how Santa would actually get into our place.

He loved his kitchen and Leap Frog Leapster as well as all the other lovely things he received.

Faruq got a GPS from Santa (I(oops I mean Santa) figured it would be a gift that we both could use). He also got a few gift cards, clothes and books.

Santa was very good to me this year and left a lovely new Canon Rebel XTI. Now I can't wait to start my photography course in January.

We had supper around 5 then just spent the night playing with our new respective toys. It was just a nice day all around and couldn't have thought of better way to spend it.

We are now enjoying a week of total relaxation before we face the new year. We have made very few plans and will just spent it together as a family. I think the only thing we are doing for sure is Zoolights at the Calgary Zoo one night.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and you have an even better New Year's.

Our Christmas Tree (kind like Charlie Brown's)

We finally got our tree finished ...we had put the actual tree up about two weeks ago but never quite got around to decorating it. I had actually wanted a real tree this year but in end just decided to put our artificial one back up. Maybe next year we will venture out for the real thing.

Hayden is at least satisfied that Santa now has a place to put all of his gifts - he was a little concerned that he wouldn't leave anything if it wasn't done.

From our family to yours we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!

School Picture {huge sigh}

We finally got Hayden's school pictures just in time to go in our Christmas cards to family and friends. I still find it hard to believe that that he is even old enough to have a class picture.

We will get his class picture in the New Year and will post it then.

Our Christmas Creations...

Last Sunday night we spend the evening making a Gingerbread House and a Gingerbread Train. We had lots of fun but I think Hayden enjoyed eating the candy more then decorating the train.

The train was created by daddy and Hayden. While mommy did the the house.

Hayden's Christmas Concert

We went to Hayden's little Christmas party today at school. It was so cute they all came out and were to sing a few christmas carols but would our little man even open his mouth....No Way !!! He did manage to jingle the little bell he was given but no least for this year.

They had some sweets afterwards and got to go home early.

Slow and not so steady...

Is our landscapers motto...honestly I can't really blame them. The weather has been crappy in Calgary for November and December so the work time has been greatly limited.

But every time we get a break in the cold temperatures these guys show up and do a little more. We won't get any grass or shrubs/trees until spring but that's okay just as long as everything else is done in preparations for those in early spring.

Here is a few pictures of the latest work....

Hayden's visit to Santa

So we didn't get a Santa picture last year because of Hayden's fear of the Jolly old guy. But this year I think he has connected Santa and presents so he had been asking to go and have a chat with him.

Off we went to our local mall and to my surprise when we arrived there wasn't a line up waiting to see him...which kind of scared me because once Hayden spotted him he wasn't a 100% sure he wanted to go sit on his knee. I thought I could use the time in line to prime him a bit.

Anyway up he went...lip quivering a bit but I was so proud of him and he even managed to tell Santa he wanted a Kitchen set for Christmas and we got a great picture out of it as well.

Way to Go Hayden - I'm so proud of you.

Christmas has arrived early...

Last Night I just ordered myself an early Christmas present...A totally fabulous camera bag created by one of my all time favorite scrapbook ladies - Donna Downey. I have admired her creativity for so long and can't wait to own one of her groovy bags.
Merry Christmas too I just need to work on Santa to get that new camera to put inside of it.