Hits and Misses....

The new fall TV schedule is in full force and I have tried to catch my old favorites as well as a few new shows....Here is just my list of what I think are the hits and misses for this year.


Dancing with the stars (although I don't even know some of the "stars")
Top Chef (Glad to see the old show back)
Survivor (Never get bored of this show)
Modern Family (Awesome writing and acting)
Parenthood (Funny and relatable if you have kids & a family)
Come Dine with Me (my latest obsession and I'm totally going to convince my friends to do try this) 
Grey's Anatomy (Amazing season finale and pretty good premiere)
Brothers and Sister (it seemed to have a very dark feel in the first episode of the season but I think that will change going forward)
The Amazing Race (Hands down my favorite reality show)
Dexter (We don't get this channel but considering last season how can it not be a hit this year)
The Big Bang Theory (Funny, Funny show)
The Dragon's Den (Love this show but didn't watch Shark Tank the US version of this show)
The Tudors (I wish I had started watching this from the beginning as the few episodes I did watch were very good)
Wipeout (Funny summer show)


Lonestar (Too much going)
Hawaii Five-O  ( I guess should at least watch on episode but just can't)
An Ordinary Family (I wanted to like this because of Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz but it's a yawner for me)
The Office (which hurts because it was very much a favorite for the last 4 years but it's just not as funny this year.)
America's Next Top Model (enough already)
The Apprentice (I dislike Donald Trump and found the celebrity version just a little easier to watch)
Desperate Housewives (desperate show)
So you think you can dance  (I'm not into dancing so don't feel this show's vibe at all)

I have the following shows PVR'd but haven't had a chance to watch them yet...The Good Wife, Glee, The Real Housewives .

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