It's a great day !!

In my almost 42 years I have have never owned a Canadian Passport.  Well after 9/11 happened in 2001 things started to change and more restrictions were put on traveling.   Still I procrastinated and never got one but this past summer Faruq was going to take Hayden to Disneyland but we didn't have passports.

So I spent one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago getting all the forms filled out.  We made the effort to go get the pictures done (well everyone except Laila but that's another story) and our lovely friend Joelle graciously agreed to be our guaranter. Off we went last Monday to the Passport office to submit our paperwork.

Then today we got these delivered to our front door - Aren't they pretty !!

I'm super impressed with how quickly these were processed but you might notice only 4 passports appear in the picture.   Nope I didn't make a mistake and leave one out of the picture.  The canadian government didn't make a mistake and not send us the 5th one. Yes Sophie still requires one and hers is included in that picture.

Our lovely Laila has decided it is against her religion to pose for a passport picture so she is missing a passport.  We took her to 5 different places to get this darn picture but she refused to get it done. I'm sure people who don't own or who have previously owned a 2 year old thinks this is probably pretty stupid and why can't two parents get this simple task done.

Well anyone who has a passport knows they are little funny on the pictures and because we couldn't physically restrain her while getting the needed picture it would probably be rejected in the end. So we made the decision to wait a few months and try it again.  The bonus is if she gets her passport just after her 3rd birthday in December it will be good for 5 years vs. 2 now so maybe the little lady is trying to save us some money. :}

I would love to hear suggestions on had to get said picture if you have gone through the same experience.

Anyway off to plan our next family vacation for Spring Break next year !!

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