Our Little Becks....

Hayden has been bugging us all week to take him out to the soccer field so he can "practice" before the soccer season starts in a few weeks.

We finally made it out today and even with the nice weather the field was still a little soggy but we made out okay !!!

He seems to have this natural athletic ability with pretty much any sports he tries and soccer isn't any different. He is a fast little runner with a great kick.

The only thing he didn't seem to like was getting his hands dirty so that could be a limiting factor with him actually playing soccer.

Here are a few more favorite shots from today !!

My Little Leprechaun

I finished the below layout tonight for a scrapbook challenge and though I would post it here as well.

Another lazy Sunday...

Well it seems to be a habit now...we don't get dressed on Sunday's. Again today we all got up late, had a great breakfast then proceed to just all laze around doing things that interested each of us...I worked on a digital layout, Faruq and Hayden watched a few movies then played trains for a while.

After our busy week we really enjoy just having a quiet family day every weekend.

Hayden finished his latest round of gymnastics yesterday and will start back again on April 17th so not much of a break between sessions.

The weather has been hit and miss for the last week...sometimes nice and others just like winter has returned. It's cold and -1 today but should return to about 7 tomorrow.

Faruq and I went to our local Mac store on Friday to have a look at the iMac computers...they are very sweet !! I had a hard time getting him to leave without buying one. Maybe that will be our christmas present to each other this year...it will be great for my photography and graphics work.

Here's my latest layout. I'm just working on some older pictures that were favorites but never got scrapbooked.

Have a great week !!! Chow for now.....

Oh my...

How could I forget my most exciting news...Faruq got us tickets for the John Mayer concert here in Calgary on April 29th...I was thrilled when he called to say he snagged some good seats. Now if he could just leave Jessica Simpson home it would be a perfect evening. Just kidding it would actually be cool to see her !!!

As well, we have tickets for The Producers on April 1st so it will be a fun way to start and end the month of April.

Chow for now !!

Where does the time go...

I always say I'm going to post more but it just never seems to happen...life is still busy around here.

Hayden is finishing his latest cycle of gymnastics and will be starting the next round in a few weeks. As well, U4 soccer will be starting at the first of April so he will be one busy little munchkin until June.

School is going great..he has spring break in a few weeks so he is pretty excited about having a few weeks off to "Play". Faruq is taking at least one of the weeks off as well so we may even head out on a little road trip for a few days.

Well I thought spring had finally arrived in Calgary....the weather has been great with temps reaching +16 but sadly last night we received a dump of snow. Hopefully it will disappear and spring will return. I want my landscapers to come back and finish what they started last fall.

We watched a great movie this past weekend. "Shut up and sing" documented the aftermath that followed the Dixie Chicks when Natalie Maines spoke out against President Bush and the war in 2003 at a concert in England.

I have always admired and been a fan of the Dixie Chicks and their music but after watching this can only say I have a new admiration for what these ladies had to endure for the last 3 years. At no time did they comprise their beliefs and their commitment to each other was amazing. It is truly the must see movie this year....check it out if you get a chance !!!

I managed to finish another layout...still trying to do digi scrapbooking as time permits...I have about a dozen layouts started but just can't seem to get them finished. I'm still waiting for that "groove" to return...all the scrapbookers know what I'm talking about.

A wonderful Sunday ....

I spent a few hours today creating another layout using some of the beautiful professional pictures that we had taken last October.

The boys worked on Hayden's train table and managed to get it put back together.

It was a great Sunday...everyone stayed in their jammies and we are having breakfast for dinner.

Off to watch The Amazing Race shortly and then get ready for the busy week ahead of us !!

Heartbreaking but inspiring...

We went to a fundraiser last night for a group called "The Generations of Hope"...this is charity that was created to assist couples who's last option for having their own baby is IVF but they are unable to afford the 11,000 to 15,000 price tag attached to the procedure.

This year they had local photographers visit and photograph kids that had been born with the assists of IVF. While some of the stories brought tears to my eyes all had happy endings and now have beautiful children they can cherish forever.

It is just beyond me why our health card plans do not cover these kind of treatments. While some good plans cover some of the drugs required most couples are left with at least a 5 to 10K bill at the end with no guarantee of success.

No one signs up for fertility problems when they get married and want to start a family...it just happens !!! The numbers seem to be on the rise and whether it's just people waiting longer to start families or environmental issues they just aren't sure why but it is truly heartbreaking when it happens.

My hope is with the money raised last night it can help at least a few families realize their goal of having children to call their own !!!

Here's the link to their site...have a look when you get a moment...

Give your kids a cuddle today and just know how lucky you are to have them !!