What a day !!!

So I have mentioned many times in the last month that Laila (& I) have been quite sick well today little miss Laila's sickness got the best of her.  When she got up this morning she was really clinging to me but it's been like this since she got sick so I didn't really think much of it.

We took the kids swimming and when we got home had lunch then she went for her nap.  About an hour in she woke up crying and when Faruq went to get her she was very lethargic but seemed to come around when I held her.  Just after Faruq and Hayden left for their overnight trip with Beavers I was trying to give her a little more lunch and she started to shaken violently then collapsed on me.  As a parent this is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and I know we have been extremely lucky with both kids health wise but if you have ever had a child have a convulsion you will know how I felt.

I called 911 and within minutes there was an ambulance and fire truck (Hayden was bummed by the way that he missed the both vehicles being at his house) at my door.  We are so lucky to live in a community that has a fire station located two blocks away.  By the time they got here she was coming around but was still very lethargic  and was running a high temp.  So they pretty much figured what I assumed she had just had a Febrile convulsions and most likely had had one earlier today in her crib.  

So off to the Children's Hospital we went in the ambulance and she appeared to have another on route.  By this time I had pretty much lost it !!  Once at the hospital they took her in right away and gave her some meds for the fever then off for a chest x-ray.   Poor peanut has a chest infection as well as ear infections in both ears.  While I have fought this for a month the ER doctor suggest antibiotics to help clear this up and I agreed.   

So after almost 5 hours I have her home and she is sleeping in her crib but I'm still so nervous that is going to happen again I'm not sure if I will get any sleep tonight !  Fever is down and she did seem more like herself before going to bed so I'm sure hoping she is over the worst now.

Off to try to get some shut eye ~~  Faruq owes be big time for this one when he gets back !!

Chow for now !


Sonia said...

Wow Michelle! What a scary day for you! I would have lost it too! I'm so glad she's okay and I hope you got some rest last night? How did little Laila make out overnight?

Amber said...

Oh, how scary!! I'm glad Laila is okay, how are you??

I hope today is uneventful and peaceful for you guys.