Happy Saturday !!

It's amazing what a few good doses of drugs can do for a sick mama....while I still have the nasty cough I'm already feeling like I have more energy. Another week or so I should be right as rain and back to being a Simply Happy Mama !

We had a nice quiet day inside today (which is sad because it was finally super warm in Calgary). But it was okay to just chill here....Daddy had to do a few hours of work (which turned into 7), Hayden was hanging downstairs with him and Laila of course was shadowing me while I tidied the toy room and office.

Faruq and Hayden went to the 'Dome again for the last playoff game at the Brier....tomorrow night is the final game with Alberta (Yay !!) facing off against the winner of the game tonight. I think it is great that we are able to expose Hayden to lots of new adventures ...I guess that is one of the perks of living in a larger city. The highlight for him last night was not the curling game but meeting a bunch of the Calgary Flames players (the team has been on the road because the curlers have invaded their ice but these guys are injured so aren't playing right now).

After Laila went to bed I caught up on a few TV shows that were PVR'd from earlier this week....The Office always makes me laugh and I thought the episode of Private Practice was pretty good. As well, I have been trying to remember how to use Photoshop Elements - Man you do forget if you don't use the program for a while. It's slowly coming back but I'm still not sure where to start digi-scrapping from since it has been so long.

I will leave you with Laila's latest obsession - she does this at least 25 times a day !!!

I hope you all had a lovely Saturday with your families !!

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Nightowl Mama said...

awwww what a little sweetheart. look at her climbing underneath there. They really do invent other ways to play with things.