Holy Snow Batman !!

So I guess living in Canada my whole life I would be used to the cold weather but honestly I would trade it in a heartbeat for a warm tropical climate living. I have to believe that day-to-day life would be just easier - no snowsuits, boots and mitts for kids, no shovelling.

When we moved to Calgary almost 4 years ago I thought the nasty cold weather we had endured for almost 20 years was going to be behind us but sadly that's not been the case. The only good thing that Calgary has going for it with regards to the weather is the "Chinooks" - you can get a few feet of snow in the morning but it be gone by the afternoon. The weather can still be cold and downright miserable.

Today was just one of those days ...My hubby needed to catch a 5:30 am flight to McMurray this morning and unfortunately didn't bother to order a car service figuring he would just drive himself. Big mistake....it had rained during the evening and then at some point it turned to snow. He called this afternoon to say he had made it but that the drive was interesting. He had 3 cars slide through intersections barely missing him each time. Calgary drivers are insane when a little snow hits the road and this morning was no exception.

This was the view from my front door when I retrieved the morning paper at 9 am. It's now melting off but it's still a bummer that we got it in the first place.

It's suppose to be sunny and fairly warm for the next few days so hopefully this snow will melt away !!


Amber said...

I am so with you on the tropical climate. I keep begging hubby for California or Georgia, but he says there's no way we'll move to the US. So I'm stuck here with this crazy non-winter forever! GAH! LOL

Jenn M said...

But what a beautiful day it turned into.

Crappy way to wake up though.

It always could be worse. Edmonton would suck!

Michelle said...

It was a really nice afternoon although Uggs were not the right choice for shoe wear when walking to Hayden's bus after school.

It was like I had two buckets of water on my feet by the time I got back.