This and That...

Not much shakin'  at the Suleman household the last few days.  The drugs for my chest cold are really working well...still have the cough but the dr. said that would take at least a few weeks to disappear.

My poor Laila has not been herself since the weekend...her cold is still dragging her down and maybe there is a few teeth trying to come through.  She is not eating well and sleep is interrupted quite a few times through the night.  She has been super clingy  with me so while I enjoy the cuddles I don't want them this way year.

Anyone catch DWTS this week?  Still not really feelin' it yet?  Just sad that "sour patch" didn't go home tonight....Honestly I thought Belinda Carlisle was better then Steve Wozniak.

Watching the Biggest Loser right now and have to say I'm loving the group way more this year.  They totally seem to be way more supportive of each other.  

Oh yes...George Bush was in town for a speaking engagement today.....quite frankly I not sure why anyone would want to pay $400 to hear this man speak but 1500 people did.  I wouldn't even go it was free really "WTH" would he actually have to say that is worth listening to.  Nuff' said about that one !!

We have few busy days coming up with us needing to make a decisions that could impact our future (all in a good ways).  As well, we are eagerly awaiting the start of Spring Break this Friday.  Next week we have no formal commitments just lots of PJ and family time at home.

Chow for now !!

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