Spring break is here ....

No big plans for this Spring Break...just going to hang out with the kids and have no schedules for the next 10 days. It has been a busy 3 months since Christmas so we are all welcoming the break. Daddy is even planning on taking a few days off next week so it will be nice to have everyone home.

My plan is to get Laila and I rid of this sickness that has been lingering for what seem like forever ! I'm going to spend a little time in the kitchen stocking our freezer again. But most of all just spend lots of quality time with the kiddos doing all of those litle craft projects that I have collected but never seem to have the time to do. As well dive into a few of the new games Hayden got for Christmas but hasn't opened yet. I'm hoping the weather is good so we can get out and enjoy some fresh air.

I'm purposely going to be away from the computer during this time...I might check in once and a while but just going to take a little mental break from the "Electronic" world.

For those just starting your break...I hope you have a lovely week off. For those just returning from your breaks I hope they were great !

Chow for now !!

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Sonia said...

Enjoy the next 10 days! I know I will! :)