Monday and not motivated....

Today is just one of those days where I'm just not motivated to do much...truthfully I would love to just curl up in bed and sleep the afternoon away. This chest cold is getting the best of me so I'm off to the doctor's again tomorrow to seek some relief. I'm not a lover of medicine but honestly I can't go without sleep much longer. I'm having myself a little old pity party today. :}

We had an decent trip to Edmonton. Laila didn't nap on the way down so she was a little grizzly bear when we arrived. She is an awesome sleeper but that's because of her regular routine at home. She wasn't eating properly because of being tired and the cycle just went round and round. Poor peanut ! We don't travel a lot with the kids so she isn't used to new surroundings and doesn't adapt well change.

As well, I think the hotel we stayed at managed to put all the kids in the same area because after finally getting Laila to sleep at 11pm Friday night a toddler began to scream and scream and scream for what seemed like hours. My biggest fear was that this lovely little creature was going to wake her up and then the party would really start for us. She managed to sleep through it all but did wake around 6:30 the next morning - which for those who know Laila is hardly enough sleep (normally at home she is a 12 to 13 hour sleeper)

The only purpose for our trip was to go visit Faruq's mom who is recovering in the hospital from knee replacement surgery. It was very hard to visit as she is in a room with two other women but this past weekend was the only time we could go without the kids missing their weekend activities. So we went and had a visit on both Friday and Saturday then back to Calgary yesterday.

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of our trip either as I had forgot to put my memory card back in my camera earlier in the week and was honestly to cheap to go buy another one for just those few days. We have lots of cards here already and didn't see the point.

Big news on the Hayden little monster lost his first baby tooth this weekend. It's been lose for quite some time now but he finally manage to pull it out on Sunday. Now he is patiently waiting for the tooth fairy to visit us. What is the going rate for tooth fairies these days?

Because of a lack of motivation today I haven't even got anything started for supper tonight...I did manage to whip up two new meal choices for Laila's daily dinners and have them in the freezer as well as a few different veggies but I'm afraid we might end up having breakfast for dinner tonight which really my family won't mind. They love it when I mix it up like that.

The first of the Bachelor two-part finale is on tonight. I'm pretty sure I know what is going to happen but the drama should be worth watching. I have my PVR set up to tape tonight's 3 hour finale then the 2nd "after the rose" tomorrow night when he comes back to announce who is really with.

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