Poor Peanut !!

Just a quick update while Laila is resting beside me. We had a rough night with her fever spiking again and then having another convulsion...the doctors warned this might happen so I was prepared. She still hasn't eaten anything but I managed to get 4 oz of milk down and it has stayed so far.

Fever is down and while she is still lethargic she is starting to look a little brighter and more like herself. I think the meds are starting to kick in as well which for her is a good thing. Daddy is on his way back from Drumheller and I we will both be happy to see him !!

I'm hoping for a little rest shortly....we are both in need of it !!


Jenn M said...

Wow! I can't even imagine.

Get some rest!

Donna said...

Oh my Michelle I can't imagine what your night was like! I sending you lots of positive thoughts for Laila's quick recovery! We are so fortunate to have ACH's nearby if we ever need it but hopefully this is the last of it!

Nightowl Mama said...

awwww poor sweetheart wishes for a quick recovery. hugs