Alphabitty Moments (Week 2)

This is week 2 of  "Alphabitty Moments" the blog carnival started by Carrie at 4 the Love of Family  ~~~~  It's pretty simple each week just post a picture corresponding to the letter of the week ! Stop by her blog for all the details !


Hayden took on the role of "Big Brother" after Laila was born and it's been wonderful to watch the bond that they have.  While it's not always "happy" times now that she is mobile and likes to get into everything he is doing I know that they will have each other as they get older.

"C" is next week !!!


MamaBear said...

What a special bond to write about this week! I love the black and white photo with the pink.

Thanks for playing along!

Andria said...

SWEET picture!

mom24boys said...

I agree with MamaBear--the layout's colors looked very beautiful!

..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

Awwww, that's so sweet!

I have 2 boys myself but I've never gotten such a nice shot of them together. They're usually too busy running around and banging into things, haha.

Good job Mama! ;)