Boys Vs. Girls - Eating Habits !!

So I have a question for all moms out there that have little girls eating solid foods !

My kids are vastly different in a few ways with eating being the biggest.  For the last 4 years we have had "on-going" battles with Hayden with regards to eating. He did not have an easy time going from formula to solid foods.  He is very texture sensitive so that alone limits a lot of foods he would even consider trying Out of pure frustration I started to give him things I know weren't the best choices nutritionally.  Because of the improper diet he suffered constipation problems which led to more then one visit to the ER.

We have had long (and very tiring) battles at each meal and even to this day he is notoriously picky.  We have learnt to just go with the flow and try to help him instead of pushing him.  He has come a very long way but it's still a daily battle. 

Now little Laila is just the complete opposite. She went from formula to solid food with no problems. She is an incredible eater and will try anything & everything we give her. I did a lot of research along the way when we were having issues with Hayden so I was better prepared for her (although I must admit I still worry that she will start to reject food and become like Hayden but know that's not likely to happen).

I found a great book called "Blender Baby Food" by Nicole Young and it was  a terrific starting point for me when starting to introduce solid foods to Laila.  I prepared (and froze using these) so many different things for her to try  that now at 15 months she will happily eat what we put in front of her.  She has an incredible appetite and eats more then Hayden does on a daily basis.   Thankfully there is no constipation problems for her ! :} 

I'm not naive to think we will not ever problems with her as she gets older but I think we are off to a much smoother start.  One positive thing to come out of this is that I think Hayden actually tries more because he sees her eating it.   

So a few questions to ponder ...

Are girls typically better eaters then boys? 
Did we get lucky with her or is it the norm?
Do they usually eat more then boys at this age ? 
I wonder if what I did differently between the kids is making her a better eater?

I would love to here your thoughts on this !!


Nightowl Mama said...

I had to answer your house is just the opposite. My 3 yr old is a better eater than my dd who's 8. I think honestly it just depends on the child. Cause my oldest boy was super picky too.

LUv your about me. I could of wrote it word for word!

Clair said...

Okay, I have 3 girls and all have been different. My first was the worst and like you it was a daily battle to get her to eat. My second was easier and now that she is nearly 4 she has developed a few fussy bits but will east mostly what is put down to her although she has a much smaller appetite than her sister (she is a very sleight build and meeting all her milestones so i don't worry too much)
My baby is a year next week and is the best of the three. I think for a few reasons- 1, I'm much calmer and more laidback- i know what to expect and if she doesnt feel like eating i dont force it. 2, she sees her siblings eating and has been keen to try everything from the get go. 3, she's bigger than her sisters (oh the irony that her name is minnie) so probably hungrier.

My husband was/is a fussy eater (when we met he ate only sausages, cereal, yorkshire puddings, gravy and oxtail soup) but through time he now eats a pretty balanced diet- i guess what i'm saying, even if hayden stays fussy as a child he may well change as an adult.

Dont beat yourself up about it and keep offering new things.

Um, sorry, didn't mean to ramble on quite so much but i feel i've been where you are and it can seem never ending! Good Luck


kathy said...

I can't help with the boy versus girl due to having all boys. I would however, like to know how to get my youngest to eat veggies

Donna said...

All I can say is I can write your EXACT post Michelle! Unbeliveable how similar our kids and especially our sons are!!! Josh and Alyssa are complete opposites in eating behaviours. Josh has always been picky. He refused to eat meat when he was little because of the textures and even to this day he will eat meat only if it is done in the 'unhealthy' ways (eg, nuggets, sausages, hot dogs, processed meats). He finally started to eat chicken in the past month! But he will eat 'almost' every vegetable or fruit you place in front of him.

Alyssa started being a very good eater. You can't imagine how happy I was when she would eat everything we placed in front of her. Then things changed when I went back to work...(12mths old) I don't know if it was coincidence or what but she started to become picky as well. Like I said she is complete opposite from Josh! She loves her meat but refuses to eat veggies and fruit!!! It has now also become a struggle with her. I've somewhat given up on the battle and just go with the flow. I've cut down on a lot of snacks throughout the day as well as milk consumption and that has been helping tons!

I have to say Josh has improved a lot of what he will try and won't try so I'm hoping it is just an age thing and it will eventually balance out. All I can say is I know your frustration!

Jenn M said...

Are girls typically better eaters then boys?

Not my kids. :D

Did we get lucky with her or is it the norm?

No idea. Good luck.

Do they usually eat more then boys at this age ?

Both my kids were great until 2 and then they went to heck in a hand basket!

I wonder if what I did differently between the kids is making her a better eater?


See I'm nice and vague. :D

Michelle said...

Everett is way better then Colten. Maybe as first time parents we just didnt know what we were doing :) I also made all of Ev's food, versus jarred...not even organic food for Colten. I often wonder if that was the difference? meh, prob not!

Jeevita said...

I just vented on my blog about today's mealtime battle with my son and then I came across your blog. Don't have any insights to offer unfortunately but just wanted to say hi as a fellow calgarian mom blogger.