Family Friday and Mama Ranting...

Family night is taking a little break this week.  The boys are taking in the last few days of the Tim Horton's Brier so Laila and I are left to fend for ourselves.

So..... according to my doctor I guess I am really sick with a pretty serious chest infection (he said my chest sounds like a 70yr old who has smoked all their life...Nice hey !!).    I knew I was sick but really I was just trying to deny it ( I'm not a lover of medicine but instead prefer to let the body take care of sickness naturally.)  Plus mom's aren't allowed to get sick....Are they?  I mean who will keep the kids alive while mommy's taking a "personal" day.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I was this sick probably before kids when I had time to" schedule" sick days (I mean it was fun to play hookie from work - you could sleep in, watch talk shows all day and catching up on a little reading).

I admit I have a great husband but he can only do so much and this past week it hasn't been a lot.  His work commitments are keeping him at the office until the wee hours.  As well, he needed to make an unexpected trip out of town last week that left us alone for three days.

I remember the good old days of just "owning"  Hayden.  When I was sick I knew I could turn the Treehouse TV channel on and I was good for hours.  Throw him a few snacks and he was golden all day.  But not with our little lady....she is NOT a TV watcher (btw... I usually love this).  I admit the last week I have tried every kids channel but have found nothing that will keep her interest for more then a few seconds.  She wants to be played with all the time and Hayden is not really into loving his little sister lately so it's up to mommy to be her play pal.  

While I'm ranting one more thing....Why couldn't I possibly get a sickness that involved a lack of appetite?  Nope not me I have been plenty hungry the last few weeks but honestly I'm  too tired to cook daily so I have been making very poor food choices and that coupled with the fact I can't run, swim or really do any form of exercise has caused me to gain 5 pounds - Could it all be "water" weight ?  :}  

Sorry for the rant but I'm sure there are lots of mom's out there that will totally understand this topic.  I guess the lesson I have learned is not to neglect my health and to try to schedule my "sick" days with my hubby at the beginning of every year.

On a brighter note.....After the doctor's appt I stopped by the mall to get my prescription filled and while I was waiting ran into The Children's Place.  Laila needed a new swimsuit and I happened to spot these lovely little rain boots which I knew just needed to come home with us. (Both my kids have crazy small feet so getting any type of shoes is a challenge).  

I hope you all have  a lovely weekend with your families !!

Chow for now !!

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Donna said...

I hope your feeling better soon Michelle! Yes mommies always put themselves last when it comes to taking care their own bodies! Take care and rest when you can!