Lovely Little Ladybugs Cupcakes

Last year when Laila's 1st birthday was fast approaching I was truly at a lose as to what kind of cake to get her.  She really didn't have any favorite shows or characters that I could select from so we ended up having a lovely but non-descriptive cake made consisting of butterflies and fairies.

Since then we have started calling her "our little ladybug" mainly because she has this adorable little ladybug nightlight that she sleeps with.  Sooo..... I figure I have a head start on the 2nd birthday party theme and will probably go with you guessed it "ladybugs".

Now to the point of this post...I was checking out Design Mom's Blog again tonight and happened upon this post.  I checked out the site and found these little beauties and I totally think I can make them.

I might even do a few test runs before her birthday....who doesn't love a cupcakes !!

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