Mama's Wrap-up (October 14th)

I for one am glad this week is over.  Even though we had Monday off it just seemed very long to me.  Nothing really out of the ordinary for us just lots of running around with the kids.  I fear what our calendar will look like in a few years when all the kids are in school and we have extra curriculum activities for each of them.

We had a very low key Thanksgiving this year.  No company just the 5 of us.  I didn't even cook a turkey but opted for a lovely organic chicken.  I still made all the trimmings and we gave thanks for all we are fortunate to have.  Of course, every special meals needs to end with a pumpkin pie from Costco.    If you haven't tried it you really must.  It's a tradition in our house now.


My wonderful hubby had another birthday on Thursday.  As we have gotten older we tend not to make a really big deal out of our birthday's but we will have filet mignon's and cake tomorrow evening in his honor. In lieu of the gifts I haven't gotten him I gave up my massage tomorrow so he can have a little relaxation.   We love you and hope that you have an incredible coming year.

This picture is blurry but I love it anyway.  
 Happy Birthday Faruq !! 

 I just read this post I wrote last year and it is still holds true today !


I'm always on the lookout for new "food" blogs and I found a great one this week.  This girl is just too cute and she has great recipes on her blog.  You can find Holly here !

I have already tried two recipes and both will be added to regular recipe rotation.  The first was this stew and the second was this Chocolate Cake which was made in the crockpot.

I found one of her recipes posted on Pinterest and can't wait to try even more.  If you have never heard of Pinterest you really need to know about it.  I have found so many wonderful things on there and it has become slightly addictive. Let me know and I can send you invite if you want to check it out.


Now that Thanksgiving is over we are in full "Halloween" mode.  Costumes are being made this weekend and the house is being decorated for the occasion.  I found some great pumpkins at Walmart tonight and Hayden is already planning what will be his masterpieces this year.

I'm excited to try a few new recipes tomorrow for Halloween treats.  I will definitely share them if they are yummy !!

Snow is predicated for Calgary tomorrow which I'm hoping is wrong.  I'm so not ready for that yet.

Have a great weekend everyone !

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