Birthday Weekend

Faruq celebrated his birthday last Thursday but we didn't have his party until this past weekend.  It's a tradition in our house that the person having the birthday gets to pick their favorite meal.  So of course,  Faruq picked Filet Mignon.

We feasted on Filet, roasted potatoes & carrots, green bean and beets.
 It was so yummy !!

Then we enjoyed a deliciously sweet chocolate cake.

Faruq and the kids.

Of course, Sophie giving Daddy a taste !

Look who is digging in. 
 (We paid for this with a very late bedtime last night.)

Someone had a little too much sweetness !

The cake was a gluten free chocolate cake mix with an Oreo cookie cream cheese filling. 
It was covered in chocolate buttercream and decorated with Skor bites.

I also made a test batch of a new Halloween treat that I had found on Pinterest.  It was a huge success so I will share the recipe in another blog post.

We also managed to get a few things checked off of our never ending "To Do" list this weekend so it was also very productive.

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FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Oh my, that cake look sweet! Happy Birthday to your hubby! Looks like a yummy dinner :) We have the same tradition here too!