Weekend Fun

We had a wonderful weekend with not a lot on our agenda.  Faruq was scheduled to be off on Friday but because he took most of Thursday off he went into work so it was just the girls and I home.  Saturday morning I had a very relaxing massage and afterwards met a friend for lunch.  The family and I headed out to Costco on Saturday afternoon to pick up a few groceries.

Because Costco is usually so busy and most times I have a few kids with me I never get a chance to just browse the aisles but dad took the kids to the food court so I got a little free time.  Of course, this added at least another $100 to my final tally but that's okay because I got some great stuff.

I was introduced to the Cleaning Eating magazine a few months ago and have throughly enjoyed trying some of the recipes. So when I spotted these lovelies at Costco I was thrilled.

I have already tried one recipe and we loved it.  I have a dozen more bookmarked to try. I would highly recommend either book if you see it.

In keeping with the "get healthy" theme I decided to purchase "Just Dance 3" for the Wii.

I was a little skeptical to be honest.  I don't mind exercising but dance never really was my thing.   But let me tell you we had so much fun yesterday playing with it and don't be fooled because it is a workout if you do it right.  I was sweating after just the first few songs.  Anyone who wants to shake up their exercise routine might want to try this for a change.

We spent yesterday working on homework, napping and playing with the Wii.  Just a perfect way to end the weekend.  We have a busy week planned with something almost every evening and next weekend we start the preparations for Halloween next Monday.

And for those counting we are just two months away from Christmas eve !!   Have you started your shopping yet ?

Have a wonderful Monday !!

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE Just Dance..I'm not sure which one we have but it is a blast! And you're right, if you get into it the sweat comes! Can't wait to hear about the yummy recipes in your new books.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I started my shopping a bit, but I need to do so much more still. I always plan to get stuff done early, but seems like each year it gets later and later. (popping over from Jen's blog 4F's)

BnBMommy said...

Please don't remind me that Christmas is creeping up so fast, I have not even started ;)

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Sounds like a great weekend ;) You'll have to tell me what you think of cookbook #1. I have the second one and really like it, but I might have to buy the first one!