Since becoming a mama eight years ago I have alway tried to keep the "bragging" in check when it comes to my kids.  Sure I praise them and speak proudly of their accomplishments but I have never been comfortable with going on and on about them.  But tonight I need to break my own rule just for a moment.

I have been very forthcoming with challenges that my lovely little Laila has been facing and as I type this tonight I'm having a very hard time not tearing up.  I'm nothing but simply amazed at what this little girl has accomplished in the last few months.  

Since starting school just over 6 weeks ago she has just exploded.  Everyday her first words to me are "Mommy do I go to school today" and when I answer yes I'm always greeted with a hug and a "Thank you".  Her teachers say that each day she is so eager to learn and her enthusiasm is contagious.  

She is kind to her classmates and always helps the ones that need that little extra assistance.  I actually think that her being at this school is one of her first valuable "life lessons".  The majority of kids in her class are facing challenges that are far bigger than hers and I think she senses that.  She has made two little friends and is already asking for "playdates" with them and of course, the birthday party list is being formulated.

As far as her development is concerned her speech is growing in leaps and bounds.   Everyday she comes out with something new and it just amazes me.  Her comprehension is improving as fast as her speech.   She is recognizing over half the alphabet and can count to 10.  She has started to print her name  as well as drawing and identifying shapes.  She is properly holding her pencil and cutting with scissors.

She knows all the primary colors and quite a few more.   She tackles 15 to 24 pieces puzzles, constantly has books in her hands and wants to play "school" at home all the time.  To put it into perspective she knew none of that before starting school.

I feel my heart bursting everyday with this child and I can honestly say this was not always the case.  When Laila turned 2 she had no speech and the tantrums started.  We went through a very hard time with her and I didn't know what we were going to do.  But now the tantrums are just the normal 3.5 year old stuff which seems so easy to deal with.

One thing I will say to any parent who has a child diagnosed with speech delay don't be afraid to get them the help they need.  I had people advise us against sending her to Providence House because she would be "labelled" with a disability.  My response to them and anyone would be "Who cares? "  She is in the best place she can possibly be and this has given her the best opportunity to have the ability reenter the normal school system in a few years without being behind her peers.

So I will get off my soapbox now but beware as I may bring it out in a few months again to brag just a little bit more.

Laila is very simply my hero !

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BnBMommy said...

So happy to read how well she is doing. As a mommy, you are definitely entitled to brag!! She sounds very happy! :)

Lindsay said...

That is wonderful! She deserves to be bragged on!

Soshayna said...

I am so glad to hear that she has grown so much. I am with Lindsay, brag on, Mama, brag on!! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

My friend Laila! She deserves all the bragging in the world!!