Let's get real (part 2)

I'm not sure why I have been avoiding writing this post because I feel like I have triumphed.  As I said here I was really looking for any excuse to pack it in.   I had the injury to contend with but instead of packing it I chose to go to Physio and get this rehabbed.  I was told it would be an easy 4 to 6 weeks possibly longer.

In my earlier post I said I would talk about why I  feel a personal trainer is so valuable.  In my case,  Stevie was there to offer support and guidance when I was ready to accept it.  She said from the beginning we could work through the injury and that routines could be modified.  Without her I know I would have packed it in at that time saying I would start again when the injury had healed.  Sure I would have started again.  LOL

So great I had made the decision to continue working out and everything should have been great.  Yeah no, for a few weeks we worked out but I was still struggling with my commitment level.  I was beginning to feel like I was wasting everyone's time and seriously had to decide what I wanted to do.

Cue the wick head cold I got and it was just another excuse to stop.  But what I have realized is that life happens and there will always be things thrown at us.  It is up to us how we chose to react.  For one of the first times in my life I am choosing to fight.

I chatted with Stevie about my thoughts and decisions.  We have refocussed and I am committed to doing this.  I know it will not be easy and I'm sure I will complain and maybe even falter again along the way but I will succeed.

This is a journey not a race for me and I know I have a long way to travel but the most important thing is I'm still on the journey.

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Soshayna said...

Getting healthy takes committment for sure, good for you for pushing through it and surrounding yourself with supportive people. Hugs!

FamilyFoodFitnessandFun said...

Good for you in deciding to keep on going! I know, that is not an easy choice to make, but once you go there, you will not want to go back :)

Anonymous said...

It's going to be great, you have this in the bag :)