A little under the weather

I haven't been around much as my littlest is sick with her first head cold and it's a really bad one.  I think it all started when my mom got sick a week ago, then my dad came down with a cold so it was more then likely one of us would get sick as well.  I was only hoping it would be Faruq or I and not the kids.

It is so tough for the babies as they have no way of blowing the mucus out of their little noses so you just need to wait for it to drain out.  We have gotten little or no sleep the last two nights so it has been a tough go.  Faruq was at work until almost midnight last night so I'm sure today will be a very long day for him.  We are blessed that our kids are generally pretty healthy so these small bumps just reminds us how lucky we really are.

The Grands went home on Tuesday (lucky them to leave just before all this).  Life has returned to it's crazy busy pace but honestly it's good.  I like structure and routine actually perform better with it in my life.  We did have a wonderful Christmas break and it was delightful to have the grandparents here.  The kids loved it.  Faruq and I even managed to get out a few times to dinner and even squeezed a movie in.

I have some new recipes I tried over the holiday that were total successes and will post them in the coming weeks.

I'm knee deep in selling stuff on Kijiji and have a few people coming to look at things this weekend.  It's funny I have this stuff lying around for years and don't use it but when I listed it for sale and someone comes to look at it I actually start to reconsider selling it.  Does this happen to anyone else or am I just crazy ?

I'm going out this weekend (hopefully) to look at sewing machines.  Faruq was going to get me one for Christmas (I know super romantic but to be fair it's what I said I wanted) but had no idea what I actually wanted.  I'm glad I waited as I have money my mom and dad gave me so now I can get a bit better machine.  Anyone have suggestions for a good but not too expensive machine ?

As well, I ordered kits to cross stitch Christmas socks for all Faruq ,the kids and I.  This project will keep me busy for at least a few years.  I love cross stitching but haven't done it for awhile but I figured these would be great keepsakes for the kids when they get older.   As well, I couldn't find a nice sock for Sophie when I went looking this year so that prompted me to look into making them.

I have been in touch with my old personal trainer and he is on vacation until the end of January but come the first of February we are going to start to workout 3 times a week.  While I'm excited to start I'm a little nervous as well because I have done nothing for almost a year.  This guy is tough but that's what I need to see results and he doesn't listen to my lame excuses for why I don't want to work out.  I have started on my own with the treadmill and light weights but I'm sure I won't really see results or feel the pain until I start the proper workouts.

Anyone have a hotel they have used and liked down in Anaheim.  Faruq and Hayden are going in a month and I really should get moving on accommodations.  We wanted somewhere close to Disneyland but it does not need to be right in the park.

Well that's what's been happening in our little part of the world...Have a great weekend and stay warm if you are in Calgary as it's suppose to get colder on the weekend.

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Mellott Family said...

We are staying at the Sheraton when we go down in April. It looks like a pretty decent hotel and across the street :)

As for sewing machines, I am only a beginner and my Kenmore does everything I need, but if I decide I really enjoy sewing, I think I might invest in a Janome!