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Now for a little bit lighter post....

  • Laila is doing well with potty training.  I will be honest and say we have had a few setbacks mainly with regards to her pooping in her pants.  Pooping seems to be a whole other step in potty training.  I would be curious to know how others have gotten their little ones to actually poop on the potty.
  • We registered Laila for preschool on Wednesday.  We are sending her to the same little school that Hadyen attended.  We love the school, the program offered is amazing and the owners are wonderful.  She starts in September and is only going two mornings for the first year but I think it will be great for her.
  • Sophie is still just a delight !  She sleeps 12 hours most nights, eats pretty much anything and everything we offer and while she usually has the sweetest disposition has been showing her sister a little bit of authority when needed.  We have realized nobody is going to put this baby in a corner and I know it will serve her well in a few years when she starts school.
  • When I'm emotionally upset I usually turn to my kitchen for stress relief and do lots of experimenting. This last week has been no exception.   I will post a few of the recipes I have tried and were big hits with the family.
  • I finished two books last week....Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda.  When sleep alludes me like it did this week it's nice to have something to pass the time with.  Both are great reads with wonderful stories of loss and love.  I just started The Help last night and can't wait to get into it.
  • As most know we subscribe to NetFlix and we have been watching the series Rescue Me for the last few weeks.  It's a great show and I would highly recommend it.  I have resisted the temptation to download Season 4 of Mad Men from iTunes but I miss Don Draper and I might have to sneak a peek at the new season.
  • Faruq and Hayden leave two weeks from today for California and while I'm happy for them to have this experience I'm also a little nervous letting them go.  I have already start making them lists of stuff they need to get ready and I secretly see them rolling their eyes at me every time I try to discuss it with them.   I get no respect :}
I hope everyone has a warm and cozy weekend especially if you are in Calgary as Mother Nature has blown in with another winter storm for us.

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Mellott Family said...

For us, Thomas was the key to Bradley going poop on the potty. I bought him a big train set and he got a piece of track each time he pooped, and eventually he earned the entire set, which he was so motivated to get. I agree it is a total different part of training, the peeing was the easy part, lol.

Curious, are you keeping Laila in preschool for 3 years, or will she start kindergarten after next year?

Soshayna said...

My mom got Isabelle to poop on the potty while I had pneumonia during the summer...I had tried to no avail. My mom got her on it when she would normally go and set up a table with coloring books and other things for her to do and sat with her...Isabelle was so afraid to poop on the potty and it turns out she did it and didn't even know...she never looked back after that. Chloe sat on it for me and I just did what my mom did and once she went, that is the only place she wanted to go.