Happy Saturday

I usually love the weekends but today this pretty much described my mood when I woke up ......

I have been so grumpy today and it doesn't appear to be getting any better as the day goes on.  It was just a crappy week with one thing after another so this was bound to happen and combined with some wicked PMS I'm surprised I even got out of bed.  I'm just patiently counting the hours until our little prisoners are banished to their beds for the night and I can have a few hours to myself.

I guess I should feel blessed that I'm only grumpy as it appears that a huge number of my friends on Facebook are plagued with illness so it could be worse.

Update on Potty Training 2011....Laila is doing so well on Day 4.  No accidents today and she is now telling us when she has to go to the bathroom.  She has lost total interest in the stickers and much prefers the cookie she gets when she goes.

We are registering her this week for preschool starting in September and I have to say I'm so excited for her.  Now that she is on the road to being potty trained it will make the process easier.  It amazes me how much she has grown in the last 6 months.  She is my "I will do it when I'm ready" girl.  There is no pushing Laila into anything but she totally grasps things very quickly when ready to do so.  I keep saying it will serve her well in life but it is darn frustrating right now for mama.

Faruq is taking Monday off to spend with us so we are going to enjoy an extra long weekend.

Hayden is busy studying this weekend for exams that he has to write this coming week so his activities have been limited to swimming last night and skating today.  I'm sure he will do fine but we want him spend timing reviewing his notes to just make sure.

Sophie was fully walking but has since reverted back to half walk/half crawl.   I'm not concerned as Laila did the same thing for a few months.  As well, I think she is getting ready to pop a few more big teeth as her sleep is slightly off, she is refusing food (which has never happened) and she is chewing on anything she can get her pudgy little hands on.

I have to say teething and potty training are not anywhere near my top 10 favorite things about kids.  But this to shall pass and before we know it she will be Hayden's age and we will wonder where the time has gone.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and the weather is warm and sunny wherever you are.  We are sitting somewhere around +4 today and it's nice to see the snow melting....darn I say spring is around the corner.

Happy Weekend Everyone !!

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Hypermama said...

almost time to banish the monsters...ahem...darlings. lol I agree.

potty training and teething weren't on my list of favorite things to endure either. Sadly...teething occurs later in life too. the 6year molars were terrible, and now my almost 10 year old is in agony from losing all those molars for the grownup teeth. I much prefer baby teething. lol

Have a happy weekend! I'll have some chocolate for you as I'm PMSing something horrible too.