Happy New Year

We have had an amazing year and much to be thankful for.  While I'm sad to see 2010 go I'm excited to see what 2011 holds for our family.

This year is one of self discovery and improvement for me and I hope to see many positive changes in my live.  Too many times mama's put themselves last but I have vowed that will not happen this year.  While I love and cherish my family I know improving myself will only make me a stronger and better mama.  I will share both my successes and failures on this journey here with you.

Lastly, through this little blog I have made some friendships that I hope last for years to come.  So my friends I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that you all have an amazing 2011 !!!

Love & Hugs,

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Anonymous said...

it will be a fantastic year! :)