Do you have it yet ?  If not, I strongly suggest you look into it.

Canada just got Netflix not long ago but it's nothing new for the US.  It is an awesome deal at $8 a month for unlimited viewing.  While the programming choices aren't as vast as the US site they still have tons and tons of good movies and TV shows to watch.

Originally I was a bit on the fence about whether to subscribe but we went for the month's free trial period and have been hooked ever since. About 6 months ago I started to watch all the TV shows I want off the internet so very rarely ever watched our Satellite.  We rented movies almost every weekend and that would be close to $25 bucks a shot.  You watch them once and return them to the store and sometimes we never even got watch them which was a total waste.  Plus how many times did we rent a movie only to discover it wasn't to our liking but felt we had to watch it to get our monies worth.  My time is just more valuable then that.

But with Netflix you can watch movies when you want and as many times as you want.  The catalogue is vast with lots of older movies and they are adding new stuff everyday.  If you start a movie but don't like it just go back to the catalogue and pick something else.  There are tons of TV shows documentaries and Series streamed there with my current favorite being Mad Man.  I watched a great series called Mistresses during the holidays.  Next up is Damages and The Tudors when we are done with Mad Man.

There is amble kids programming that have kept my children occupied for months now.  Laila is watching Super Why, Dora and Blues Clues right now.  But they Veggies Tales, Thomas and lots of kids movies.

You will either need a gaming system (like a Wii) to stream it to your TV or you can access it through your computer.  You are allowed up to 6 connections in your house so we have two Wii's connected to our TV's plus all of our computers have access as well.

We have given up our Satellite TV and saved almost $80 a month.   But honestly we are still getting the TV programs we want via the internet and don't feel we are missing anything.

I have in no way be compensated by Netflix to write this post but  just wanted to let people know what an awesome deal it really is.  So take a look today and I don't think you will be disappointed.

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Hypermama said...

I've been considering that my local video store is closing.


Michelle said...

You won't be disappointed. :}