Potty Training

Well I felt the time had come to start potty training little Miss Laila.  On the weekend I got everything ready to start on Monday morning.  Monday came but with Hayden and the school thing I just didn't feel prepared to do it so I waited until today.

I had also been told that girls were so much easier to train then boys and that they want to train earlier.  Well I can now say that is not the case with every girl.  Laila up until this point has shown absolutely no interest what so ever in giving up her comfy diapers.  I have left the potty seats in each bathroom and up until today she has managed to avoid them at great lengths.  But with preschool registration next week I was feeling slightly panic about not having her at least start the process.  We have until September so I felt sure we could master it by then.

Without going into the gory details Laila is a very regular child so approx. 30 minutes after she wakes up every morning she usually delivers her one and only poop of the day.  So after her deposit this morning I got her cleaned up but with one difference....No diaper.

Well you think I had just told her that world was going to end.  There were tears, sobs, screaming and a smallest temper tantrum but surprisingly within 15 minutes it all stopped.  For the first few hours I left her in her nightie with no undies and it worked okay.  I set the stove timer for 15 minute intervals and after the first trip to introduce the potty chair formally to Laila it was actually a pretty good first day for my little lady.

We had a few accidents {which is totally expected} but we had way more successes which were celebrated.  (In this case with special cupcakes with pink icing).  I made her a "Potty" Chart and we put the special "potty princess" sticker on it every time she successfully peed in the potty.  She had 6 stickers tonight when her daddy came home and she was so proud to show him.

I had purchased her fancy little princess underwear but she flatly refused to wear them.  I think they were a little tight and had this irritating ruffle around the legs (so I don't really blame her).  I never used training pants with Hayden so I didn't really know what I was going to use.  Then I remembered Hadyen did have some old boxers that I hadn't thrown out yet and they worked perfectly.  I put her in a t-shirt and the boxers (which I think she thought were shorts).

So all in all the first day was a total success !  I know we will probably have set backs but it's a start.

Update on the Hayden front:  Well tonight when he arrived home his first words to me were not "I HATE YOU" so we are making progress.  We go to the new school tomorrow and meet with the principal. I think once it is all organized and know it is going to happen we can continue to talk to him. Then help with the transition in September.

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Jenn M said...

Ha girls easy. HAHAHAHA. I had one that was awesome, except at night (oh my goodness, I was up every night changing sheets with Em) and one that was super crappy (no pun intended) during the day and awesome at night. Depends on the kid. Good luck!

I did find if you got them to pick out the princess that they loved and tell them "Ariel doesn't like pee" it did work.