Why do you read a blog ?

I was sitting this morning before the kids got up and reading through some of my current favorite blogs.  Some I laugh when reading and others I cry over.  I really appreciate people who write well and are a voice for a specific cause or organization.  I think if you ask most why they started their blogs you will get a variety of different answers.  Some from a tragedy in their life and others from joy (as is my reason).  You become somewhat invested in what goes on in their lives and many you can relate to in some way or another.

I have met wonderful people through the blogging world that I probably would not have other wise met.  I have discovered there is a good side and there is also a very nasty side to sharing ones life.  Someone once said that if you receive a "hateful" comment then you have made it.  Well I hope I never "make it" then.  I like documenting our lives and hope one day my kids can look back at it with interest.  I was a pretty serious scrapbooker at one time but don't have that time now so this is a very good alternative.

I started my blog over 4 years ago and have almost 500 posts now which is 499 more then I thought I would have. I'm not a great writer and honestly there are probably spelling and grammatical errors in every post but it's not about that to me.  I like sharing fun stuff about my kids, great recipes and good deals that I discover.

Do you have a favorite blog you like to visit ?  What makes you go back to a specific blog ?

Another question....Do you leave comments for other bloggers ?  That is something I'm going to actively start doing this year...I read often but don't comment a lot.  I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to leave encouraging words for me especially in trying times.

On a daily basis I learn something new from others and I'm not sure that would be the same if we didn't have the technology world we do today.  We all have life experiences that make us who we are and I say if someone can learn from mine it's makes us all better.

I regularly update the side bar of my blog with my current favorites and I encourage you to stop by some of these blogs.  I don't think you will be disappointed with what you will find. 

I'm curious to know what others think about this ?  Drop me a comment !!

Happy Saturday everyone !

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Soshayna said...

I think I started reading blogs after I had my babies and became a SAHM...I needed to connect with something outside my living room. It is not to fill up my day, as my kids seem to do that effortlessly. The first blogs I read were tragedy based...I prayed for these families feverishly...then it got to be too much...all the illness and death. I still read some blogs that document challenges, but I try to read more positive and upbeat blogs as a rule. I have enjoyed "meeting" like-minded mom's online and feeling a sisterhood that being a SAHM doesn't give me.

Hypermama said...

I've blogged off and on. a lot of the time I stay private, and just write for myself. sometimes Idon't have anyone to actually talk to so its an outlet.

I love reading blogs, I am on many crafting sites where all my friends share patterns and designs on their own so its fun to join in.

Lindsay said...

I am totally just catching up on blogs after the holiday! I love funny blogs right now. I need lots of humor. I want to get back to writing more. It's such an outlet. I just worry that nobody wants to read my drivel, so that kind of stops me. But it's not about whether I get approval. I just need to write to write, you know? And I never want to "make it" either. A mean comment and I'd cry!

P.S. I love reading about your kidlets! They are all getting so big since we first "met"!