Cleaning and purging...with a lesson involved (I hope)

Today we are cleaning the toy room and I thought no better way for Faruq to actually see how much stuff these kids have then for him to help clean it out.  I don't blame him for this but he is part of the problem.  He works many many hours which usually include evenings and weekends.  There has been cancelled vacations a few times and he has always tried to compensate by letting the kids buy toys.

I have tried to explain that they don't expect it (yet) and really just spending time with them when he is here would be more then enough.  Well that hasn't really happened so we are left with more toys then 3 kids really need.  So every few months I purge the toy room and bedrooms myself then donate or toss toys that aren't played with any longer or broken.  But because he had to do it today I think reality has actually sunk in and I hope this will stop now.

We had agreed that Christmas was limited to a Santa gift and 3 smaller gifts from us and for the most part we stuck to that rule.  The Grands gave the kid gift cards and money for their bank accounts so they can use them throughout the year on things they want.   As well they gave gifted them a few things we told them to buy which was awesome.

We of course recognize the kid's birthdays with a gift and I try to give them a small treat at Valentine's Day and Easter but it's all the other days that are the problem.

My kids will never go without but I really feel there is a limit and it's tough when your spouse is not on the same page as you are.  I have a big pile of things to list  on Kijiji tomorrow probably for a fraction of what we paid for them with more stuff going to one of our local shelters.

I want my kids to appreciate that their dad works hard for what we have and that it shouldn't just be handed to them when asked for.  As well,  that there are families that don't have near what we have and that if we can share our things it would make others very happy.

I HATE clutter and honestly I sometimes get heart palpitations when I go into the toy room.  I know kids need toys I just need to figure out how many will make us all happy.  :}

Are you and your spouse on the same page when it comes to giving to the kids ?  How do you deal with clutter?

Happy Sunday !!

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Hypermama said...

ugh...the toys,the toys! I know what you mean.

I had my girls clean out the playroom before Christmas - we got rid of 1 garbage bag of broken stuff, and a couple garbage bags of other stuff. We gave the ENTIRE little people collection (3kids, 9 years...we had them ALL) to their new cousin.

I too worry that they aren't learning about people less fortunate. They have so much and although don't get everything they ask for, they aren't spoiled rotten by g'parents, aunts and uncles.

As I sit here staring at a mountain of games they got for Christmas.

good luck opening Daddy's eyes.

Soshayna said...

It is handled by me...:( I limited Christmas this year also...but the grands, and aunts and uncles get a little carried away. For the last 8 years, we have adopted a family for Christmas...this year we let the girls help us pick out the gifts and wrap for the kiddo's. They seemed to get it and my oldest even wondered on Christmas how the little girl liked her stroller and baby:) I think the toy/entitlement/gratitude issue is one that almost all parents face...if we are aware of it and working to teach values...I think we are doing the best we can as parents!

Lindsay said...

Ack! Us, too! This year, we really were limited, and that was nice. And the grands did savings bonds. Seriously, my kids are not brats about it, but we are a slave to our stuff, and I'm tired of it!

Hope you are having a great New Year!