What do you eat for breakfast ?

As a kid I would usually have whatever my mom would make for breakfast so it could be eggs & toast, cereal, waffles, pancakes I wasn't fussy.  Then as I got older I just  stopped eating breakfast all together. I was not and still am not really a morning person so my main goal was just getting out of bed, showering and getting dressed.

But now that I'm the mom I find myself serving my littles breakfast every morning and thankfully they are still in the "eat what I put in front of you" stage so it hasn't been too much of an issue yet.  We have anything from fruit, yogurt, eggs, cereal, oatmeal, cheese, ham or maybe muffins I have made.

I know it's coming the day that they start to refuse what I prepare and instead want Fruit Loops, Captain  Crunch, Cocoa Puffs.  I figure I might as well just give them the bowl of sugar if I give them those options.  I find it hard to swallow every time I see the commercials where they are telling us these cereals are actually good for our kids.  Stretching the truth just a bit I think.

After 42 years I have come to realize that I do in fact function much better when I have a healthy breakfast in the morning so at least I hope I will encourage the kids to eat as well.  During the week I always have a combination of the below cereals.  There is enough sweetness but a whole lot of good for you as well.  Remember fibre is your friend.  :}


Weekends are usually much more relaxed so we will make a bigger breakfast for everyone...this weekend I'm making frittat's for Sunday morning.

So what do you do make your kids choose from your "approved" list of breakfast foods or can they have the popular "not so good for you" cereal.  I'm all about picking my battles but I think this is one I will continue to fight when the time comes.

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Soshayna said...

My kids want a big country breakfast every day...seriously! Hubs and I pre-cook 4 lbs. of bacon at a time..it makes me a little nauseous smelling it all day, but then we freeze it and in the morning take 3 pieces out and zap them in the micro for 30 seconds and serve it with french toast, eggs, or pancakes...if I am lazy..just yogurt, toast and fruit with the bacon:)

Kim said...

During the week, we have cold cereal(Raisin Bran, Life, Rice Krispies, Cheerios) and hot cereal (oatmeal w/blueberries, cream of wheat). Saturday in our house, is egg day with bacon and toast.Sunday is pancakes/waffles with sausages.