We wiggled and giggled...

After keeping the surprise for months we finally told the kids on Friday afternoon that we were heading to the Wiggles Concert.  Hayden seemed somewhat excited but I think he honestly would have been happy to just stay at school (my baby is growing up ).  Laila seemed indifferent to the whole idea and I'm not sure she really knew what was happening.'

We go there about 20 minutes before the show started just time enough to spend $100 bucks on glow balls, hats and programs.  We had awesome seats on the floor so the kids got a great view of the stage.  I was a little worried about the noise but I give them credit because the sound was turned down to a manageable level for all ages.  

When the show finally started Laila was slightly overwhelmed by it all but quickly started to rock out to some of her favorite songs.  It was really cute to see her enjoying it and then I knew the money we spend was well worth it.  

It seemed like a smaller show then the one we previously seen a few years ago and the wiggles seemed slightly older then before but I guess we have all gotten older and grayer.  Murray wasn't there but I have to say they replaced him with a very cute younger red Wiggle...yum yum !  It was different not having Greg there but Sam was good.

Surprise surprise the one who rocked out to the whole concert was none other then Sophie.  We have officially renamed her the "5th Wiggle".  I guess they even had t-shirts that said that  but sadly I didn't see them.  All in all it was a great afternoon spent with the family.  

Here's a few pictures more pictures from the concert...

 Bye Wiggles until the next time you come through Calgary !!

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