Mama's Weekly Wrap-Up (October 16th)

A little with last weeks wrap-up...

  1. Made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and misread the instructions.  Thought I need a can of pumpkin but only need a 1 cup so ended up tripling the recipe.  But they were still yummy in the end.
  2. My laptop started to smoke on Wednesday and it could have been very interesting if I had not been home to unplug it.  The laptop appears fine but it required a new power supply.
  3. Scored a few great finds on Kijiji for the girls....A Little Tikes playhouse for $60 and a baby walker (the legal ones) for Sophie for $10.
  4. We are loving Netflix and for only $7.99 per month think it's a pretty good deal.  We can now run it through our big TV downstairs with help from our Wii game.
  5. Shaw is coming this week to change our cable out mainly because Bell sucks at retaining current customers and would offer us no good deals on upgrading our PVR's so we chose to leave and go to Shaw.  They are more then willing to give us one free HDPVR and a sweet deal on a second one. I will miss the "timeshifting" option at Bell but the new PVR's can tape two shows while you watch a third.
  6. We made Cake Pops on the Sunday...learned a lot from the process and when we try them again I know what to do differently.
  7. We also made candied Almonds which I have to say were extremely yummy and done in the slow cooker.  (I will post the recipe later)
  8. The people are coming to put up our Christmas lights next week....I'm excited as Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.
  9. I bought Laila a Tag System for Christmas (from Santa shhhhh)...She has just recently taken a liking to books so we hope she will enjoy this.  Costco had a rockin deal on a system and 10 books.
  10. We booked a surprise trip to LA/San Diego for Hayden in February.  Just he and Faruq are going because we didn't want to take the girls and I have no one to watch them for me to go.  Bummer but I'm sure they will have a great time.
  11. Faruq is on vacation this coming week...he has a huge "to-do" list so it's not really a break for him but I will finally get some things done.

I think that's it from last week !!

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