Mama's Weekly Wrap-Up (October 8th)

I often have stuff happen throughout the week that is funny or noteworthy it could be something someone has said or just things I'm doing but not really worthy of a complete blog post so I thought I would just start a weekly wrap-up of all the little things that happened during the week.  I warn you they will be random and varied with no specific topic.

Here goes...

  1. Hayden auditioned for and made the Calgary Boys Choir.  While I'm in total support of him developing his love for music and performing arts (I know my shy quiet boy wants to perform who would have thung it)  I nearly died a little bit when the choir director total me the fees were almost $800 for the year.  All Faruq said to him was if he even utters a word of displeasure about this activity or wants to quit he would have him singing at Market Mall every weekend until the debt was paid off.
  2. Laila has decided that 6 am is a perfect wake up time each morning but refuses to take an afternoon nap and is a grumpy bear by 5 at night.  Any suggestion how to get her back to sleeping in until 9.  We have tried putting her in bed a little later but she only got up earlier.
  3. My sweet Sophie is about a week away from actually walking on her own...this makes me incredibly sad.  I'm quickly losing my baby!  :{
  4. I made very yummy Gingerbread cupcakes this week and would highly suggest you try them yourself if you want a little taste of fall. (Pure heaven here)
  5. We had a lovely playdate with new friends.  Our girls are almost the same age and Laila was actually pretty well behaved during the whole time.  Just a few minor incidents.
  6. I have been thinking more about what I want to do for Laila and Sophie's birthday cakes in December.  
  7.  I need to make my honey's birthday cake next week...When asked what type of cake he wanted I was told chocolate, chocolate and a little more chocolate.
  8. I have started to think about our Christmas card and letter for this year.  Must call our favorite photographer for our picture. 
  9. I have decided what I'm going to make for teachers gifts this year.
  10. I just received my first ever Canadian passport two weeks ago.  Funny that my 9 month and I got our first ones at the same time.  
  11. We are starting to plan a surprise trip for Faruq and Hayden to go to Disneyland and LEGO land in February.  (Merry Christmas dude)
  12. We have 77 days until Christmas and I have half my shopping done.
  13. Sophie is eating lots of different veggies, fruits and casseroles.  I love that she loves good healthy food and has a very healthy appetite. 
  14. Laila on the other hand has decided that she can survive on yogurt, fruit, cheese and veggie hot dogs.  I'm not stressing though she will come back to healthy eating eventually.
  15. I'm totally addicted to a show called "Come dine with me" where 5 strangers meet for 5 nights to have dinner.  Each evening a different person prepares the 3 course meal and they will rate them at the end.  I have already started to pester our friends to give this a try.  
  16. I got Hayden the cutest watch and it took him exactly one day to lose it.  He took it off to go to gym but left it on his desk.  He would never think to steal something like that but I'm sure there are a lot of kids that would not hesitate.  Oh well lesson hard learned my boy.
  17. I bought a container of candy corn and I now have everyone in the house (except Sophie) eating them.  Thank god we only get it once a year.
  18. I spend two hours totally reorganizing my cold storage area this week.  It look so pretty now and was way overdue.
  19. I ordered Faruq the Apple TV for his birthday but don't tell him that it's really a gift for me. 
  20. I'm seriously in love with The Gap and Old Navy on-line shopping.  I have placed 4 orders already and have another almost ready to go.  I never have to go shopping in the stores again. :}
  21. We are taking the family to a Corn Maze this weekend for a morning of fun.  I hope to snag some pumpkins for Halloween as well as baking.
  22. Finally my name is Michelle and I'm secretly addicted to Kijiji !  In my defense I don't buy much but have sold most of the baby stuff that Sophie has outgrown. :{  I'm searching for a few items and I'm sure they will come up one of these days.
I think that will do it for this week...What's  going in your world this week that is random or funny !!

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