A little (too much) Halloween baking...

I tend to have a bit of an issue with over extending myself and this past week was a perfect example.  You see being a mom to me means doing special things for your kids sometimes.  Laila and Sophie are a little young to appreciate it yet but I know Hayden does so I try to do what I can for him.

They had a Halloween party at his school this week so I decided to send sugar cookies.  They are relatively simple but when you are doing 250 it can get a little time consuming.  :} The end result was great and he thought he was the coolest kids bringing them in for the school.

The girls had two Halloween parties on Friday and Hayden one tonight so I made mini cupcakes for each of those outings.  I used a devils food and butter pecan batter then topped them with yummy Butter Cream icing.

With the leftover cake batter I made Faruq two trays of big cupcakes to take into the office but sadly I didn't get a picture of those ones.  I would say they were a success as the trays all came  home empty.  These are super easy and with a little decorative swirl of icing and some sprinkles they can be so pretty.

Then to add even more fun to this week I had my final cake due in my final Wilton's cake course  Thursday night.  But by then I had been up until almost 2 every morning for the last 4 nights.  I do most of my baking when the kids go to bed as it's really hard with one little "wanna be" helper and a 10 month motoring around now.  I spent the better part of last weekend making lovely flowers for the cake. I was beautiful cake planned with roses and carnations on the top and a ruffled border around the bottom.

I made a very yummy double layer Butter Pecan cake with a equally yummy carmel and chocolate filling.  It was iced with a Hersey's chocolate Butter Cream icing. (Very low in calories virtually fat free really !)

Below are a few pictures of the flowers (sorry for the picture quality I took them with my phone's camera).

Anywho got to the class 10 minutes late (great start) and could not stop yawning while I was sitting there.  All we really needed to do was roll out our piece of fondant that we had prepared beforehand then place it over our cake.  Doesn't seem like a hard task but for me that is pretty much where my evening ended.  I rolled out my fondant and when I transferred it the cake it pretty much cracked and crumbled before my eyes.   Any other day I would have just probably started over but I was so tired I just threw the fondant out.  I felt so defeated when this happened and really just wanted to cry.

Well there is nothing I hate more then feeling defeated about something that I know darn well I should be able to do.  So today after a good nights sleep I tried it again although I decided abandoned the original cake to make a Halloween themed one for the kids.  I have to say it is working out much better this time around and when I'm done I will post a few pictures.

So I have spend far more time in the kitchen then I normally enjoy but at the end of the day it was all worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  My next creations will be for a friends "40" birthday in November and my lovely Laila's 3rd birthday at the first of December.

Happy Baking !!

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