Mama's Weekly Wrap-Up (October 22nd)

Seems like I should be writing this wrap-up on Sunday's as I never seem to get to it on Friday's.

  1. We had a great week with Faruq being off.  It went way to quickly but we did manage to get a few things done around the house.
  2. Our Christmas lights got installed but I'm sure we looked like the freaks on the block for two nights because the guys didn't unplug them after testing them when they were done.  I really do want Christmas but not before Halloween.
  3. While at Costco the other day Laila fell madly in love with a princess costume and was not prepared to leave it at the store.  We have owned it for 5 days and about the only time she takes it off is to bath and sleep.  We have all taken to calling her "Princess Laila".  
  4. I have all my cupcakes made for this coming week's Halloween parties.  Now just to ice them on Thursday night.
  5. I have my final cake class this week and spent the weekend making fondant carnations and roses for the it.  While I'm excited for what I have learnt I'm ready for a little break from cake making.
  6. Had a great night out with my girlfriends on the weekend .  It nice to just relax and have a lovely meal with some yummy wine.
  7. My belief that I'm a creature of habit was confirmed this week.   One of our lampshades in our bedroom broke (because it was almost 16 years old).  Well I went to a few different stores and looked at some really nice and different shades but ended up at Wal-mart.  I picked exactly the same shade but just in a different color.  I'm pretty sure I would have gotten the old color but they didn't have it.
  8. Saturday night Faruq was replacing our C02 detector but didn't realize it was hard wired into our security system so when he disconnected the wire it set the alarm off.   No big deal or so we thought.  Typically when our alarms goes off the monitoring station calls us well we didn't receive a call but people on our "call out" list were called.  So sweet since it was almost midnight and to add more insult it wasn't even our current list.  The monitoring station did finally call us and we told them what had happened. But the final treat was that the Fire department showed up shortly after that as well.  Once they had a quick look they were on their way but we are waiting to see if we get a bill for this call.
  9. Struggling a bit with Hayden and homework.  He is a smart kid but he can be so frustrating at times.  He gets what he needs to done but doesn't do much over that which I'm sure is pretty normal for most 2nd graders but still bugs the heck out of me.
  10. Sophie is crawling up a storm.  She is still getting adjusted to her new walker and honestly I think she just wants to do the walking thing on her own.  She is pulling herself up a lot now so it is just a matter of time.  She still has no teeth but it hasn't slowed her down in the least with regards to eating.  
  11. We need to finish Hayden's Halloween costume at some point this week.  Thank god there is no sewing just taping and spray painting.

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