When life you gives you lemons....

you are suppose to make lemonade....Right !!  Well this week it just feels like I'm sucking on those lemons.  I'm really having what you would call a "glass 1/2 empty week".  Sorry this is the 2nd post that is a bit of downer.

This is really not normal for me as I'm usually a pretty in control person but I think it was all just too much at once and I'm admitting that yes I am human.  Growing up that was not something that I felt I could easily do...our life was to appear at least to the outside world to be "perfect".  I'm sure my mother would deny that fact but there are so many examples I could cite here it would be hard to deny it.

....I feel defeated....

That life is kicking me in the butt and is currently winning.  

The fridge saga continues and it will be at least Saturday (thank you repairman for coming on your day off) or Monday (if the part doesn't arrive today) before it is working again.  I guess the fan stopped working so that is why the top part of the fridge is warm and my freezer is freezing things within 5 minutes.

One thing I have learnt is my fridge is the single most important appliance I own (especially with young kids).  I know a lot of people have a "beer" fridge so when this happens it not too bad but all we have is a small mini-bar in the basement that can hold milk and cheese.  I could go without a stove, washer or dryer for an extend period but the fridge not so much.

I have an amazing friend who has dropped off fresh fruit and veggies (from her garden)  to use everyday since this has happened and I'm so thankful for that.  Another has dropped off a few yummy casseroles "just because".   Thanks ladies for being there even when you weren't asked...I hope I can return the favor someday soon !!

On a brigher note ......I had my first regular prenatal appointment with my GP yesterday and it all went well.   We actually have a pretty amazing doctor who is caring and compassionated which seems to be rare now a days.  He instantly could tell I was a little off yesterday and spent almost 20 minutes just chatting with me.  He has 3 kids so can totally understand what women go through as his wife has been there.

I'm so pleased to be able to stay with him right through the pregnancy and not be referred to the Women Prenatal Clinic.  As well, he is going to find a new OB  at the hospital that I would prefer to deliver in this time.  We had such a horrendous experience with Laila that I was concerned about delivering at that specific hospital again.  

I have my 18 week scan booked for August 18th so we excited to see baby again and maybe actually find out the sex.  I still secretly suspect girl.

Summer vacation is going along well...I know Hayden is bored already so I really need to figure out a few activities for him in the coming weeks.  He and Faruq are going to Edmonton the last week of July to stay with his mom so he is excited about that little adventure with dad.  As well, our neighbors have asked him to look after their cat for 2 weeks while they are on vacation so he is pretty pumped that he has a "job".

Faruq's traveling is coming to end at least for now !  It is really tough when he does go away.  He is such a big support for me and is so hands on with the kids that we all miss him when he is gone.

We have no plans for the weekend...a friend was trying to convince me that we should go for lunch and pedicures on Saturday but honestly I would just love a day on my own doing nothing.  
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and for the Calgarians enjoy the sun as it looks like rain is returning on Monday :{.

Chow for now !!

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