Happy Birthday to you !!!!

Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday to you !
Happy Birthday dear Hayden !
Happy Birthday to you !

Hayden celebrated his 6th birthday yesterday (we had his party last weekend) so it was just family yesterday.  Unfortunately we had our 12 week scan yesterday for the new baby so Hayden ended up spending his afternoon in doctor's offices but didn't complain once as that's just the type of kid he is.

He is our first born.  He is the baby we had hoped and prayed for after so many losses.   He is so unique and quirky in his personality.  He is caring and gentle (sometimes not so much with his little sister but we are working on that).  He is lighting sharp when it comes to school and learning has come easy to him.  He is a lover not a fighter.  He tries to see the good in everyone and everything.  He is very athletic and picks up most sports very easily.

He is Hayden and we love him for who he is.

~~~  2009 ~~~
6 years

~~~ 2008 ~~~
5 years

~~~ 2007 ~~~~
4 years

~~~ 2006 ~~~
3 years

~~~ 2005 ~~~
2 years

~~~ 2004 ~~~
1 year

~~~ 2003 ~~~
Brand New (4 hours old )

We hope you had a great birthday and we wish you so many more !!

Mama, Daddy and Laila

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