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We have had a very lazy week just enjoying the nice weather that Calgary is finally getting !! I find it hard to believe that in a month Hayden will be starting grade one and summer vacation will be over for another year.

Faruq traveled to Fort McMurray on Tuesday and Wednesday which was a tiring trip for him. Instead of overnighting in Fort McMurray he chose to come home Tuesday evening and went back Wednesday morning. They are really long days for him when he does that because he is up at 4 am to catch the corporate flight then doesn't get back to Calgary until almost 7 in the evening but with the last couple of weeks I have been having he figured it was just safer this way.

Hayden has been busy doing his "stuff"... He is enjoying not having any set schedules to follow. I purposely didn't book anything for him this summer because I knew at the end of the school year he was tired of schedules and just asked for a break. Come September his life will be scheduled yet again so it's been a relaxing time for him now.

For the last few weeks and the coming two he has had a job. Our neighbors are away and asked Hayden to look after their kitty. He is so committed to this and I have been really proud of the way that he has handled the responsibility.

He has been practicing his reading daily this summer and can now read most level 3 reading books. I'm amazed at how quickly he has caught onto it all and can only imagine what he will do this year. I'm so excited for him to start school and know that deep down we made the right choice to go with the private education and the small class size.

Laila is little Miss Happy Go is good for her. Truth be told I'm more concern about her schedule in September then Hayden's. She will need to rise earlier in the morning so that we can get Hayden to school and then we will need to rearrange her nap in the afternoon to leave in time to get him at the end of the day. Like everything else I'm sure she will adapt to whatever we need to do because that's just what she does.

She is still eating liking a pro and her favorite lately seems to be hummus and pita chips. Fruit is still her number 1 choice for food so we have had to be careful not to bring it out too soon. It has been such a change having a child who will eat pretty much anything that is set in front of her. I'm so hoping the new baby is the same way...I going to follow the same play book with them so fingers and toes are crossed !!

She is growing fast....the other day Faruq was trying to put a pair of shoes on her to take her to park and nothing seemed to fit. I figured she was just curling her little toes and eventually he did find a pair that fit. I decided to take her to Payless to get her feet measured and I was shocked to see she had gone up 2 sizes since the beginning of summer. Hmmm .... guess she wasn't curling her two pairs of sneakers later (& a new pair for Hayden) Laila now has some shoes that actually fit her rather large feet.

Baby Suleman is doing good...It's growing and I'm actually starting to feel little flutters which I loved with both Hayden and Laila. Honestly, I don't have much time to really enjoy this pregnancy and find that it is going entirely too fast. We have our 18 week scan booked for August 18th and are excited to possibly find out what we are having.

Faruq and Hayden are off to Edmonton on Sunday for a 3 days then home to hopefully get a few more projects ticked off our "Summer To Do" list.

I hope everyone is still enjoying summer and hanging out with your family on those sunny afternoon !!

Chow for now !

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