Channelling my inner Martha...

I have the best hubby in the world !!  Because of the shitty week I had he picked up the new Martha Stewart Cupcake book for me yesterday.  I have been eyeing it for awhile but resisted mainly because my waistline does not need any further help expanding.

But I do love cupcakes and get a kick out of  trying new flavors so this book was right up my alley !!  I spent an hour last night devouring the book and looking at all the yummy recipes.   Today I decided to start with one of the easier ones - Carrot Cupcakes with a cream cheese icing topped with roasted coconut.  Be warned that these recipes are not for those "counting calories".  But everything in moderation isn't bad for you...Right !!!

The cupcakes were super easy to make.  They were both pleasing to look at and yummy to taste.  Hayden had 3 after supper and I'm sure I caught Faruq sneaking a few.

Here is the finished product which looks pretty close to the picture in the book...

And because I love my hubby I made an extra batch for him to take to work tomorrow to share with his team....Your welcome !!

So in the words of Martha "It's a good thing"...I highly recommend the book to anyone who loves cupcakes.  My next attempt will be the S'mores cupcakes and if they turn out as well be sure I will post a picture.

Now off to have a cupcake and a cup of tea before bed !!
Chow for now !

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